Twitter Police

One of the many annoying distractions to percolate from the right side of the managerial class is their fetish over speech. Read the popular conservative rags and they are always droning on about free speech… They sound like a bunch of hippies from the later sixties.

…What you will never hear them defend is freedom of association. They would sooner cut out their own tongues before uttering the phrase, much less voice a vigorous defense of freedom of association. I won’t say the name, but I once had an exchange with a National Review writer about speech. I raised the freedom of association issue and he stopped, blinked and then walked away, not uttering a sound.

The reason for this is they fear nothing more than being called a racist. They know the other side the managerial treehouse will roll out the racists taunts as soon the issue of association comes up and they have no answer for it. Having long ago conceded that the worst possible thing a person can do is be a racist, there simply is no way to defend freedom of association. Rather than admit it, they ignore it.

The trouble with that is you cannot have free speech without free association. As soon as you lock people in a room, regardless of how they feel about one another, you better police what they say. Otherwise, you end up with blood on the walls.

  • Alain

    The writer makes a very valid point here. Freedom of association nowadays is allowed to all except whites and white men. You may have a club, group, organisation or whatever which is restricted to only members of the same group, such as only blacks, only Chinese-Canadians, only Indo-Canadians, etc. unless it is white only. The same applies to white men who are not allowed a club, group, or organisation which only allows men. In any case the important point is that when freedom of speech is separated from the other basic freedoms, you will soon lose it like you lost the others.