UK: Muslims e̶x̶t̶r̶e̶m̶i̶s̶t̶s̶ ̶ organize ‘campaign of lies’ to undermine the government’s fight against terror revealed

An organised campaign to undermine Britain’s fight against terrorism can be revealed today.

Islamist activists linked to Cage, a group known to sympathise with terrorists, are using coordinated leaks to mainstream news organisations, including the BBC, to spread fear and confusion in Muslim communities about the Government’s anti-terror policy, Prevent.

Investigations by the Telegraph reveal that several widely reported recent stories about Prevent are false or exaggerated – and many of the supposedly “ordinary Muslim” victims are in fact activists in the campaign, known as Prevent Watch. The stories include a claim which became a cause célèbre for Prevent’s opponents – that a Muslim schoolboy from London was “interrogated like a criminal” for using the phrase “ecoterrorism” in class.


In Canada we witnessed a series of odd occurrences immediately following the Paris attacks that gives one pause:

1) An alleged “Islamophobic” Mosque arson in Peterborough that so far has no publicly known motive & remains unsolved but was nonetheless used for political gain by PM Useful Idiot and propagated as proof of an anti-Muslim backlash by the local constabulary on the basis of no publicly known facts

2) An alleged “Islamophobic” assault on a Muslim women in Toronto’s most densely populated Islamist enclave, in broad daylight, near a school no less, that remains “unsolved” – and this in an age of the ubiquitous smartphone

3) A 2nd  Islamophobic” assault” on a TTC bus of two Muslimas that turned out to have been brought on by their racist comments against blacks.

  • Martin B

    Islam is the enemy.

  • Gary

    There was a mosque out west that claimed it had been a victim of a hate-crime when the windows were smashed .
    This happened right after that muslim terrorist murder a solider in Ottawa as a favour to ISIS.
    The Police are now forced to rush to every mosque that fabricates as hate-crime for fear of the islamophobe label or Lawfare by lazy muslims wanting bags on money to never have to work in canada.
    Then the media got in there as well, but during the Police reports they discovered that the Mosque has shut off the Security video system which was never shut down in the last 2+ years .
    Gee , how did the islamophobes know the cameras were off.

    • simus1

      Wasn’t that a clever, understated clue in one of the most popular Sherlock Holmes mysteries ever written, “The Camera That didn’t Camera”?

      • AlanUK

        In “Silver Blaze” Sherlock Holmes concluded from the fact that a guard dog didn’t bark that the dog was friendly with the intruder.

        So. “The Camera that didn’t Camera” was friendly with the intruder?

    • Exile1981

      Actually that was Cold Lake. No windows were broken, someone just spray painted go home on them. The paint was water based so it came right off and the painter went out of their way to not paint over the islamic acript on the windows.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Why, its almost as if importing Muslims is a mistake… but no, that couldn’t be.

  • Brenda

    I would add the stir caused in early January when a couple of toddlers were delayed in boarding flights because they had names identical to someone on a no-fly list. Then a 15 year old’s mother complained about her son having to endure the same thing. The stories tapered off after that, possibly before the bearded twenty-somethings started to complain about it happening to them.

  • Denis

    our new prime minister turdoe II is already on board so any guesses how long it will be before it is illegal to criticize pislam?

  • roccolore

    Muslims will fake the hate for sympathy.

  • Clausewitz

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  • Barrington Minge

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