Europe Training Financial Firepower on Terrorism

PARIS — A phalanx of soldiers wearing bulletproof vests and wielding machine guns fanned out beneath the Eiffel Tower on a recent afternoon, scanning the crowd for potential terrorist threats. Across the country, nearly 10,000 more armed troops patrolled streets around landmarks, stores and government buildings.

France is spending nearly 1 million euros a day on the heightened security, part of a renewed surge in European military spending as governments declare terrorism a permanent risk.

  • simus1

    NYT gushing/ reporting on Euroland’s money wasting anti terror performance art like soldiers aimlessly wondering around and the EU lumping any new ordinary military expenditures into “needed new security equipment” just shows how craven politicians reach for the taxpayers wallet to pre deflect blame.from future outrages.

    Pretending they are doing their jobs and making the hard decisions.
    Bullshit. Start building and filling up internment camps with the run of the mill baddies. Then use the huge amount of money saved from stopping silly PC PR on building organizations to hunt down and neutralize the really ambitious muslim terrorist monsters never touched today.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Tell me again that saying about an ounce of prevention.

  • Terrorism cannot be conquered so long as the hotbed of Islam is allowed to fester within a country. Remove all Muslims and there will no longer be Islamic terrorism.

    • Gary

      The real threat comes form the Moderate “peaceful” muslims that are Closet-Jihadists .
      These are the ones that claim they denounce armed jihad and that hamas , Al-Qeada , Hezballah, ISIS and all other terrorists that are inspired by the quran aren’t true muslims , nor are the 300,000,000+ that support armed jihad in the quran.

      Those “few” bad apples they talk about are well aware of the silence by the vast majority of muslims that don’t protests terrorism acts in mass on the streets , they do come out in mass to bash Jews or play the victim for fabricated cases of islmophobia.
      The silence by the closet-jihadists is seen as a tacit approval by ISIS to continue, plus the terrorists see that there are sucker-Nations like Canada that will take in the Victims created by them while Canada now has a PM that refuses to attack them with Fighter jets .

      In Toronto there was a an Anti-ISIS rally to denounce their actions , less than 30 muslims showed up , yet a Jew-bashing rally drawn over 2000 .

      • Yes, the ‘moderates’ are fifth-columnists.

  • Minicapt

    Nope, the article’s pictures show no phalanxes; and the FAMAS is a select fire individual weapon, not a machine gun.