Death-defying Norwegian scientist

As part of the NRK science programme ‘Med livet som innsats’ (Life on the Line) physicist Andreas Wahl puts himself in dangerous situations to prove the power of science.

In a clip that went viral this week, Wahl shot a AG3 assault rifle at himself under water to prove the density of water molecules.

  • Not too sure that is new information.

    The fact that water slows down bullets in a short span, is and has been known, for a long time.

    • ntt1

      sure, ballistics test tanks are rarely more than 4 feet deep.

  • Xavier

    Ever seen that act where one guy fires a bullet through an ice block and the other guy catches the bullet in his teeth? Now that’s ballsy science.

  • Minicapt

    Wanna step outside and do it again?