Dear Europe: This is Why You Can’t Have Women Drill Teams Parades Anymore


The fear of Islamic terrorism and widespread sexual assault by Muslim immigrants are why these girls will not be twirling a baton in Frankfurt’s Carnival Parade. Just as well, as the police cautioned against ANYONE from attending!

The following is a machine translation from the original source HERE

As fear of terrorist attacks, but also from sexual assault waived the Frankfurt city-Garde on the Mitzumarschieren Fastnachtszug (say that three times fast) on February 7. The Women’s carnival club from Gallusviertel had always participated in the parade through the center of Frankfurt in recent years.

Also this year, the 25 members with a cart and a fußgruppe (WTF?) this would have been. They have, however, chosen because of the current situation in Germany two weeks ago not to participate, said the first chairman Stephanie artist on request. The members would be determined unanimously on a rejection. Especially the younger garde interior are anxious, said artist. Firstly Frankfurt as an international Bank city was a potential target for terrorist attacks. Moreover, the incidents at the Cologne New Year’s Eve had the young women insecure. They would now follow the parade on television.

The chairman of the Grand Council of the Frankfurt Carnival Associations, Axel Heilmann said that it was an isolated incident. We do not expect further cancellations. All participants had already received their train number, and there have been no demands in terms of safety. The clubs were but aware.

The Frankfurt police advise anyone to stay away from Carnival, a spokesman said yesterday. It will increase our presence in this period significantly.