Dear Europe: This is Why You Can’t Have Women Drill Teams Parades Anymore


The fear of Islamic terrorism and widespread sexual assault by Muslim immigrants are why these girls will not be twirling a baton in Frankfurt’s Carnival Parade. Just as well, as the police cautioned against ANYONE from attending!

The following is a machine translation from the original source HERE

As fear of terrorist attacks, but also from sexual assault waived the Frankfurt city-Garde on the Mitzumarschieren Fastnachtszug (say that three times fast) on February 7. The Women’s carnival club from Gallusviertel had always participated in the parade through the center of Frankfurt in recent years.

Also this year, the 25 members with a cart and a fußgruppe (WTF?) this would have been. They have, however, chosen because of the current situation in Germany two weeks ago not to participate, said the first chairman Stephanie artist on request. The members would be determined unanimously on a rejection. Especially the younger garde interior are anxious, said artist. Firstly Frankfurt as an international Bank city was a potential target for terrorist attacks. Moreover, the incidents at the Cologne New Year’s Eve had the young women insecure. They would now follow the parade on television.

The chairman of the Grand Council of the Frankfurt Carnival Associations, Axel Heilmann said that it was an isolated incident. We do not expect further cancellations. All participants had already received their train number, and there have been no demands in terms of safety. The clubs were but aware.

The Frankfurt police advise anyone to stay away from Carnival, a spokesman said yesterday. It will increase our presence in this period significantly.

  • Islam is a net drain, period.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Other than violence, rape, welfare and asylum fraud, honor killings, FGM, and Islamic terrorism…
      It’s real hard to pin down what contributions they have made to the west.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Give those girls guns with live ammo instead of batons.
        And a 007 licence to kill.
        Maybe teach ’em how to goose step, too.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          Germany needs to call any and all moral debts for the Holocaust and WWII “Paid in Full” and find their inner barbarian.
          I’m rather tired of this sh*t.
          Then they need to pick a Sunday and hang 1,000 domestic German traitors (politicians, media personalities, and activists) and then grab 1,000 of the worst of their worst convicted Muslim criminals and hang them all at noon.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            The Japanese are starting to rearm, too.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            They and the Chinese both feel they have some unsettled business from events that occurred over the last thousand years.
            All Asian country seem to turn into massive dicks once they think they have the upper hand, or I’d be willing to let Japan have nukes.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            China is a tinderbox.
            The one child policy has resulted in tens of millions of surplus men.
            They’ve realized they are going to grow old before they grow big.
            The economy is circling the drain because the lies that the managers have been incentivized to tell regarding their meeting their targets are becoming apparent.
            The surplus capacity they have can be converted to war production without disruption.
            And they hold trillions in American treasury bonds that they will never be able to recover.
            It all says war to me.
            When everyone gets dragged into WWIII, the muslim problem will be fixed real quick.
            By the way, I expect Russia to be an ally in that war.

          • Blacksmith

            That is so sadly true.

          • luna

            I never thought about it that way, but your right.

          • Kathy Prendergast

            The Japanese don’t need nukes as long as they’ve got the Americans in their corner. Both the North Koreans and the Chinese know better than to mess with them too much.

          • Physics grad

            as long as they’ve got the Americans in their corner?

            Ask Israel how that is working out for them now.

            With “friends” like Obama who needs enemies.

          • V10_Rob

            “Germany needs to call any and all moral debts for the Holocaust and WWII “Paid in Full” and then find their inner barbarian.”

            Maybe if Israel gave it their official blessing / acceptance of apology. Remorse and circumspection are admirable, but self-flagellation and guilt-driven suicide is not. Germany receives a Get Out Of Accusations Of Renewed Nazism Free card to shut up the usual progressive screamers while it gets its act together.

            Whatever political value the Holocaust has as a guilt trip is is dwarfed by the rising influence of islamists in Western nations, who are turning a cold shoulder to the Jewish state simply because muslim advocacy groups tell them to. Israel gets a rollback in anti-Semitic clout.

            A win for both countries. Just my cynical analysis.

          • Justin St.Denis

            You are reading my mind. When, I ask myself, will a Western European get together with a few buds and take out an entire No-Go Zone where the muslims are so handily concentrated. I’m thinking small drones delivering lots of readied nitroglycerine.

          • Physics grad

            dazzle dazzle dazzle – incoming friendly nuke attack

          • marty_p

            Israel/Jews have not forced Germany into its current masochist behaviour…i.e. they no longer suffer from any Post Holocaust Stress Disorder. I don’t believe that the average German gives a rat’s ass about Jews or Israel or feels any post Holocaust guilt. The average German most likely believes the Holocaust was perpetrated by Nazis and Grandpa (who might have been an Einsazgruppen soldier machine gunning Jewish women and children into a pit in Western Russia) is a nice old man who fought for his country and the war was a long time ago – so let’s put that behind us.
            Sweden shares the same suicidal behavour and the Swedes were not a party to the Holocaust (other than their role as Nazi suppliers).
            I believe the ailment afflicting both countries and Western Europe in general is liberalism.

          • You may well be right. But there is some unconscious or subconscious stuff at work anyway.

      • John

        It’s hard to pin down any contributions they’ve ever made anywhere. The entire Islamic world is a study in human idiocy.

  • Martin B

    If the authorities are advising German to stay away from Carnival today, what are they going to advise tomorrow, when there are even more Muzz?

    • Clinton

      And what are the elites going to tell businesses when tourism
      figures drop off? Word is getting out that these events are
      increasingly unsafe for tourists… The political elites might
      believe they can safely ignore the concerns of the man in the
      street, but a large chunk of the European economy depends
      on tourist dollars, and when that starts to be affected by
      these bureaucrats’ bad decisions, there’ll be some hell to pay
      from organizations with money and political clout.

      • John

        Paris is having to deal with this. Up until the attacks back in November Paris had been the world’s number 1 tourist destination. Since then, though, the number of tourists has nosedived. The fact that most major tourist attractions are guarded by heavily armed troops doesn’t really contribute to a relaxed touristy atmosphere either. Islam just sucks the life out of everything.

    • Kathy Prendergast

      As I said in my other comment, I don’t think that’s what the police are doing; it’s just a bad translation. The next sentence says they will be out in full force at protect people, so it would make no sense for them to tell people to stay away.

  • Minicapt

    “… cart and a fußgruppe (WTF?) …”
    Probably ‘parade float and marching contingent’.


  • V10_Rob

    Muslims ruin everything.

    • Hktony

      Excellently put. Muzzies ruin everything.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    The sentence “The Frankfurt police advise anyone to stay away from the Carnival” must be a mistranslation (the pitfall of Google Translate; this whole thing reads like a lot of the papers my ESL students write). The original sentence probably means something like, the police tell people that it will be safe to attend the Carnival, at least I hope it does.

    • tom_billesley

      I think it’s they “niemanden” has been mistranslated in context as anyone rather than nobody.

      • Kathy Prendergast

        That’s why I think any time someone posts something that has gone through an auto-translator it should include a disclaimer, as many still don’t realize how woefully inadequate and often inaccurate these programs are. I can read French reasonably competently (can’t understand spoken French to save my life though) and I have seen auto-translations of French into English that were absolutely ridiculous. No language’s grammatical structure is exactly like the other .and every language has nuances and idioms,that only humans can correctly interpret.

  • canminuteman

    This is going to piss a lot of people off. Fasching (carnival) is a big thing in Germany.

  • tom_billesley

    Next it’ll be the annual mohometan grief “Valentine’s Day Haraam” and “you are corrupting our youth”

  • Hard Little Machine

    The country that openly had ex WW2 Nazis in senior government roles including the presidency well into the 1980’s has always had a soft spot for racist antisemitic extremism as government policy. I doubt they really care as much about any of this as you think they do.

  • pdxnag

    They need a general strike — everybody — demanding the expulsion of every last Islamist, meaning every last Muslim warrior. There is no moderate Islam and every so-called moderate Muslim gives implicit support to the immutably evil Islam in its full glory and their issue (kids) typically embrace genuine Islam rather than the fake Islam is Peace. Consult the Rule of Numbers in Islam, where violence by Muslims goes up until the number of non-Muslims goes down down down to nothing. Expel every last Muslim.

  • Physics grad

    Ah, the diversity is enriching them.