Asylum Homes in Germany: “Women Are Treated Like Dogs”

The following account from Die Welt tells the story of a Russian woman who sought asylum in Germany along with her daughter. Based on her description, the situation for female refugees in German asylum accommodations is nothing short of horrific.

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  • Kathy Prendergast

    During the 3 years I lived in Japan working as an English teacher, I spent about 16 months living in a residence in a Tokyo suburb that was similar (judging from the descriptions in the article) to the kind of setup where the woman refugee and her daughter had to live in; in Japan it was what is known as a “Gaijin (foreigner) house”, and was a large residence with small private furnished rooms but shared toilets, bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, and TV room / living area. Many foreign English teachers live in these places in Japan because they’re a lot more affordable than renting an apartment; I found this place through a teaching colleague who lived there. Other than foreign English teachers, there were also a number of other foreign residents on work visas (I would say there were at least 10 different countries represented there, from both Europe and Asia, also one or two Africans and Turks), a few foreign students, and Japanese people who were living there to economize. It wasn’t that bad; there were designated “women only” toilets which the male residents generally seemed to respect, the shower room was divided into a male side and a female side, although we had to share the sink area and walk through this area to get to and from the showers so I got used to seeing men wearing nothing but towels walk through (I always wore a robe myself)…the residents were the usual mix of personalities one would expect in a place like this, problems with noise and drunkenness a lot of the time and keeping the kitchen area clean was an ongoing battle as some were total slobs, but I never once felt unsafe there. No refugees or illegals course; everyone in that building was either a Japanese national or on a visa, as illegals avoided these places and Japan got and still gets very few refugees. Even by then I had enough experience with the behaviour and attitude of men from certain “cultures” that I would not have gone near the place if there had been large numbers of men from Muslim countries living there.