African Family Receives a Fully-Furnitured Apartment While Homeless Veterans Freeze to Death in The Streets – So What is The REAL Cost of Being A “Humanitarian Superpower”?

How many of these refugees welfare freeloaders must we accommodate? When you have more kids than you can feed, and must be given instructions on how to use a toilet and a light switch, what are the odds that you or any of your children will ever be productive and contributing members of western society?

  • BillyHW

    Someone has to do all the raping.

    • Contrary to the beliefs of Western liberals, it is not the fault of the West that third world countries are undeveloped.

      The rapid road to prosperity has been demonstrated by numerous countries.

      South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore are good examples of what can happen a short span of time. All that is needed is a reasonably fair and stable government and allowing the population to freely participate in economic trade.

      This easy to follow blueprint costs little, and produces almost immediate rewards. Look at the rapid economic growth in China once the government allowed the population to participate in economic decisions.

      Importing large numbers of third world unskilled, socially and ethnically different people does not fix third world problems. And it reduces available resources for the West’s own needy citizens.

      Helping these third world citizens within their own countries is the only workable long term solution.

      Making Sweden look like Africa will only in the long run ruin Sweden and have no beneficial long term effect on Africa.

  • Shebel

    Count me OUT on this one.

  • Brett_McS

    Sickening. And not the African family, who seem nice. It’s the unctuous a*shole getting her jollies exclaiming “welcome home!” at other people’s expense.

    • That’s what I was thinking. No reason to hate the African family. The comments on the Youtube video are all blaming them for having to be shown how a toilet works. Well, that’s not their fault. If you’d never seen a toilet you wouldn’t know how it worked either. Maybe they really do need help, and if the help could be shown to be, you know, actually helping I wouldn’t begrudge it them. But that’s no reason to move them to Sweden. Not for their sake, not for Sweden’s.

      • Blacksmith

        While I agree with you on the African family not being to blame, It is really hard to be level headed when our governments treat our own people so much worse than they treat foreign invaders. We need a government cleansing from the top down. When our own needy are taken care of (I don’t mean the home grown free loaders either) then we can think about helping the invaders.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Why isn’t the African family to blame?
        True, they are not the only one that deserves blame for this situation, by why would they escape blame at all? They are in fact the ones at the very heart of the problem.

        • Someone offered them what seemed a chance at a better life and they took it. These aren’t sophisticated people who know anything about the wider world.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Didn’t they just hear that they could get free stuff in Europe and then they hopped on the boat to get it?
            Agreed, they are not very sophisticated.
            For an internationally wanted assassin, you do have a kind heart. 😉

          • Malcolm Y

            Oh, I think they’re smart enough to know they’ll be kept like pampered pets in perpetuity.

            Alls Ise needs am one foot in.

  • marty_p

    What – they were given a CRT TV – that’s barbaric.

    I wonder if Toronto Community Housing employees did the same “Welcome to your new home Somali/Mo/Jamaican/White Trash family – here’s your new home – don’t shit on the floor” tour when the people got their new apartments in Regent Park in Toronto?

  • Ron MacDonald

    Come back in six months, I’m sure that apartment will resemble the shit-hole they originally called home.

  • Achmed

    Your leaders will continue to do this or we will be in the media to call them racists and our people won’t reelect them.

    It usually only takes a dedicated 10% of the voters to turn around an election in your silly western democracies.

    • mobuyus

      Keep inhaling your camel’s dong.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I love this. They can’t drive the car off the bridge fast enough.

  • ismiselemeas

    There was an epidemic of house fires in NZ some time ago. Many were
    fatal. It took the powers that be months to figure out it was recently
    arrived South Pacific families in social housing breaking up furniture
    to light fires in the electric ovens to cook food.

    • Gary

      We had an immigrant family die during a power failure in the winter where the father used a habachi BBQ to cook and heat the place .

      Bringing down the Mean- I.Q. in Canada does NOT make it a better nation if you are bent on Diversity and tolerance .

  • Gary

    But Obama tells us that all the Geniuses are in the ghettos and won’t get to be great because of White privilege that keeps them down .

    Black Lives Matter has many of those geniuses that just need a chance because they are good people that are forced to riot and loot from oppression .

    Hands up for those that want JOBS ?
    …..crickets .

  • tom_billesley

    It’s a mater of government priorities.
    Wounded soldiers at rehabilitation centre left without central heating and with contaminated water supply for months.

  • Gary

    7,000,000,000 people outside of Canada and I wonder how many will the do-gooder Liberal Leftist want to rescue and bring into Canada for our FREE health care and Welfare.

  • Dana Garcia

    Naturally the happy recipients of liberal largesse are on their expensive smartphones to all their friends and relatives telling them Europe really is paved in gold and they should come too.

  • ontario john

    Its not so much where they come from that is the problem, but who they bring over. While in Sunny Ways Canada we have hundreds of veterans that are homeless, Trudeau is filling hotel rooms with muslims who hate our guts. But then his father did the same thing, when he opened the doors to unwed mothers and single blacks from the islands, and now we have daily shootings and stabbings in cities as a result. He wanted to change the face of Canada, as he put it, and it sure as hell did.

  • Maggat

    In answer to your question re: western society, one word. ZERO.