Woman Goes to Help Muslim Refugees, Gets Spit on for Being Jewish

I suppose some people consider that making yourself a handy victim is an act of altruism.

  • This is heartwarming more people should reach out to muslims especially overses, there the kindest people ever and helping them feels so rewarding. I just got back from Syria and all the kids really want is hugs not war. There is no war it’s just a right wing conspiracy. If you truly care about these poor people you’ll put down what your doing and go to the middle east and join the hug army. We can save everyone one hug at a time we just need your loving support 🙂

    Please cleverly share this SATIRE with your favorite leftist.

  • Shebel

    That really is Funny. hahaha

  • Shebel

    Does the Dog represent Western Democracies ?

  • Shebel

    That doggies name sure ain’t Bibi.

  • BillyHW

    Nice cartoon. Very apt.

  • Blacksmith

    “Among the refugees, there are a great many people who grew up with
    hostility toward Israel and conflate these prejudices with hatred toward
    Jews in general,” Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of
    Jews, told Reuters in an interview conducted in October.”
    Seriously Josef, if you think this is news you are really woefully uninformed. Anybody who has even glanced around in the last few decades could tell you this.