Solidarity with Islam?

After the San Bernardino massacre, The Angelus, the Los Angeles archdiocesan newspaper, carried an article calling for “greater solidarity with Islam.”

The piece by Fr. Ronald Rolheiser is a particularly egregious example of the kind of nonsense about Islam that passes for wisdom in some ecclesiastical circles.

He starts off by observing that “this is not a good time to be a Muslim in the Western world.” Well, maybe. Muslims in the West are probably getting a lot of suspicious stares these days. On the other hand, you could just as easily say that it’s not a good time to be a non-Muslim in the Western world.

  • ontario john

    We all must be subject to islam. That is what the media, political and educational elites are promoting. The Saturday Toronto Star has a full page front spread in its life section promoting all the newest hijab fashions, women should be wearing in Canada. Yes now you can be fashionable with the latest bags over your head. They are created by the producer of the heart warming tv series, Little Mosque on the Prairie. She states in the interview that Canadian women dress too revealing(Canadian women are sluts).

    • The Star is a dying rag.

    • Brenda

      I notice there seems to be an effort afoot to make non-muslim women want to adopt muslim dress, because it’s so, so kewl. The Vogue magazine article on the D&G abayas even has a woman in the comments asking if it’s offensive to wear an abaya when you’re not muslim.

      And the Liitle Mosque on the Prairie woman is a desperate attention whore, and the Star is her enabler.

  • QiPo

    Let’s be clear. One of the foremost offenders of cultural suicide is under the Catholic umbrella. It is every bit as shadowy as foreign operatives, but it is designed to destroy for profit. The “Church” was once a noble defender of the Faith. Now it is complicit in humanitarian disasters on a global scale.

  • Brenda

    Christianity obviously has a death wish, even conservative Christianity. Ralph Reed was saying on the Bill Maher show how there was no evidence that the Cologne rapists were devout muslims, as if you needed a piety test. Christians have a golden opportunity to make the case for Christianity as miles ahead of the barbarism of Islam and they are bungling it, big-time.