Most migrants stranded in Calais not refugees in ANY SENSE, immigration judge says

MOST of the people living in The Jungle camp in Calais are probably not refugees “in any general sense”, a top immigration judge has warned.

  • politicallynaive

    You got a home..go back to your own country!!!!

  • Alain

    The judge was close to the truth but not completely there. None of them are true refugees; all of them are invaders.

  • Gary

    There is a youtube video by a truck driver that drives the route going by these camps and he explains how these poor victims are now assaulting Drivers and damaging their truck if they won’t smuggle them to England .
    But it’s worse because a fence had to be erected for about a 1/2 mile from the tunnel entrance , then their is a spot where the Police are to stop any migrants walking on the highway to the tunnel . In the last stretch of road by the camps
    these ungrateful thugs throw rocks over the fence at the truck as they get backed up and wait their turn to pull into the tunnel .
    If this is what they are like now , what the hell can people do once they get the Refugee status and can’t get kicked out of the UK and end up a financial burden for crimes or jail .

    Canada’s refugee rules backed by the 9 white SCOC judges will make it almost impossible to kick out those bad Apples among the 40,000 that Justin had promised muslims he would bring into canada in exchange for votes .

  • Okay, so there was a news story last week that the Calais “jungle camp” was shut down — there are photos of it being bulldozed over. So who are the “6000 people” still living in the supposedly non-existent Calais jungle camp? Just a point of fact. Maybe I misread something.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Relocated to temporary mini-housing units. BCF covered that last week.