MARYLAND High School punishes Christian student for refusing to profess her faith in Islam, threatens to arrest her father for making a stink about it

‘A Maryland high school punished a student for refusing to profess faith in Islam, gave her failing grades for a series of assignments that violated her Christian beliefs then threatened her father with arrest for complaining, a federal lawsuit charges.’

Read the whole thing. It’s absolutely unreal. h/t Xavier

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(I’m not surprised it’s Maryland, by the way. There’s a push to Islamize the schools there.)

  • Unbelievable.

    • Kelly

      Not really, Cat, they’ve been sneaking this crap in on our kids for a while, though most schools settle rather than get ass f#$%ed, this one is out there now and I would fight this crap to the end just to prove them wrong…then go further just to break them! Oh…love your site, former Zipper, but Drew has too many issues over there anymore, so….

  • The link doesn’t work.

  • Xavier
  • Xavier

    More proof that liberals and the ACLU aren’t anti-religious.
    They’re anti-Christian.

  • Shocking story – truly evil teachers.

    • BillyHW

      Hey teachers, leave our kids alone!

  • Gary

    The school doesn’t want to get bombed by those peaceful muslims.

    • Kelly

      …so let’s bomb them with peaceful Christians, Marines, soldiers and sailors then! They need to be bent over

  • H

    What is behind this? Why would some Americans wish to promote such dangerous falsehoods? I can only think that Saudi and Qatari oil money is responsible at some level; it’s difficult to believe that these people responsible for curriculum actually subscribe ideologically to such nonsense … they don’t, right?

  • Incidentally, aren’t educators supposed to be literate or something? “Most Muslim’s faith…”? “remerged”?

  • Jay Currie

    One of my prouder accomplishments was beating my two close Jewish friends on the Judaism section of our comparative religions course. And, of course, we studied Islam which, honestly, seemed simple stuff fit for very unsophisticated peasants.

    I would prefer Islam be taught well with the emphasis being on its imperialism, lack of theological rigor, slave holding, ongoing abuse of women, ongoing abuse of homosexuals and “apostates” and its contributions to terrorism. (And yes we could certainly teach about the sins of Christianity – emphasizing that the religion has got past those sins. And while we were teaching that we might want to teach a proper history of the Crusades and the invasions of Christian/Jewish lands by Muslims which proceeded them. A bit of history tends to make the Muslim’s claims in the Middle East a great deal less plausible.)

    • Kelly

      OOOAAAH, bro!

  • BillyHW

    What have I said about never putting your children’s education in the hands of women?

  • Kelly

    Somebodies about to get their ass kicked in court…bankrupt the school system as an abject lesson on assholery! WOW I’ll pray for the family, a Marine, no less (former Ranger with 82nd back in the day)
    We, as a community, NEED to get this out there, NOW!