Justin Trudeau: ‘bad news’ – all the evidence

Who is Justin Trudeau?

If there are Canadians who didn’t know much about the 43-year-old self described Catholic, former high school teacher and father of three before his majority victory Monday night – other than that he promised to legalize pot – they now have four years to find out.

But some already have a clear idea about the newly elected Prime Minister of Canada.

  • Gary

    I feel sorry for his wife that is raising 4 children with no father figure in the house while one of the children was the sperm donor.

    Gotta laugh at how Liberals are the Party of the Charter . It was created by his catholic dad and has turned out refugees Policy into a Suicide-pact with a death-cult.

  • mauser 98

    ‘see no one on the horizon that could beat him in an election
    an army of prostitute unions and media to cover
    the Brat and Big Dyke duo of destruction

  • I blame the Catholic Clergy who, with a few exceptions, have simply not spoken out forcefully against the issues that Justin supports, especially abortion. The average Catholic, members of their flock have had the guts to speak out, but not the Clergy.

    I think partly it’s a theological problem: The Clergy has gotten sucked into the Left-wing argument that only religious people are against abortion and the only reason for being against abortion is based on religion. It’s simply not true — there are scientific, biological, and sociological reasons for opposing abortion. You can be a hard-core secular atheist and be against abortion; who said it can only be opposed by religious people for reasons of faith? Abortion is a existential issue — it’s a life and death decision — you don’t have to believe in the story of Noah’s Ark or the Virgin birth of Christ to recognize that fundamental fact.

    Catholics have some of the best theologians in the world — often the most studied and fluent in philosophical issues, among the best historians, etc. And Catholicism has produced some of the best scientists and skeptics, as well as established the first Universities and places of higher learning in the West. It takes seven years of study to merely become a Parish Priest — in other words they’re PhD level academics. I can hardly believe that the Clergy has been sucked into Left-wing pop arguments that are so fundamentally flawed, supported by goofball political activists like Trudeau who have never cracked a book on philosophy or can even spell the word “existentialism”.

    • Justin St.Denis

      JT and Pope Evita share the same Puppetmasters.

      • JT for sure. Pope Evita seems to send mixed messages. No mixing of messages on the part of JT: “that’s disgusting!”

    • Alain

      This isn’t new. It was exactly the same for his communist father and all the other Liberals who thrashed just about every Catholic belief and teaching and still were never denied communion nor any other rite including funerals.

      • And the Church wonders why it’s losing followers. You can’t just dump centuries of teaching down the toilet and expect nobody to notice.

  • Alain

    No one has a valid or acceptable excuse for claiming they did not know what they would be getting when they voted Liberal, and the same applies to Albertans who voted NDP.

  • DMB

    What most people don’t realize about Justin Trudeau is how he got his family fortune and it was not from his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau. His family fortune came from his grand father Charles-Émile Trudeau who was an entrepreneur (something Justin has no clue of) and owned a chain of champlain gas station which he later sold it at a profit to Imperial oil (Esso). Justin Trudeau can thank his late grand father for making his fortune in the oil and gas industry which today he likes to demonize today.


    • mauser 98

      b b b b but you mean global warming carbon emitting oil?

      • DMB

        You got it!