Ex- Congressman Banned from Teaching Seminar at ​Elite ​New Hampshire School Over ‘Islamophobia’

Fred Grandy (R-IA), a former Republican Congressman and actor, has been ​disinvited​ from hosting a seminar series on “Politics in Media” this winter at New Hampshire’s prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy, after individuals involved with the school raised concerns about his “Islamophobic ties.”

  • Jim Horne

    “Islamophobia a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons.” – Andrew Cummins April 12, 2013

  • ontario john

    He would never be allowed into “Gay” Ontario. The Saturday Star is excited that it is co sponsor with the Toronto Library in celebrating International Women’s Day next month. They have a half page announcement on who will be the featured speaker at the event they are hosting next month. You guessed it, Premier Wynne will be the key note speaker. Because who represents achievement by women more, than Wynne(Well, if you ignore the corruption, lies, and destruction of the economy)

    • Gary

      Plus, she had lied to her husband just to get a family and now has left a mess behind , OR….she now pretends to be a lesbian for political gains ( as did Svend Robinson and Libby Davies) and plans to ruin her lesbian spouse’s life .
      Most habitual liars were like that long before people caught them in the lies , just as a pedophile that gets caught usually has dozens of child victims in their past.

      Bob Rae was such a good liar in the NDP and as Premier of Ontario that he was recruited to the Federal Liberals .

  • roccolore

    I smell the stinky asses of CAIR in this.

    • Gary

      true, the islamofascists here in the West rely on the mass-slaughters and terrorism by their Brother’s around the World as to inflict fear on the useful idiots in Canada like Justin and Barbara Hall that meet the demands from CAIR or groups of muslims .
      Terrorism works , so they don’t have to .

      Barbara Hall and McGuinty approved two Public schools having a Mosque in them on Friday’s while knowing it Violated the Ontario Education ACT for a Public school to endorse one religion or promote it in the School.
      Hall is the same person that helped kill Jesus and boot him out of the Public school where Teacher’s still want their PAID time off during the Festive Season break at Christmas but since they don’t want to offend muslims and atheists by the same Education ACT they used to purge the school of references to Easter and Christmas but those GOD-haters sure wan the Holiday with pay .
      I have yet to hear about just 1 muslim or and atheist file a Human Rights complaint to demand that they Work on easter and X.mas or boxing day.
      No sir , even the atheists want the Christian based paid days off religiously each year like clockwork to plan trips to see relatives or enjoy the time off.
      Don’t expect CUPE or OPSEU to demand to work those days , these God-haters are the worse because now they’re on the side of the islamists that are against almost every Liberal value the Public sector Unions claim they stand for .
      Bill Maher tore a strip off a Liberal that was on his show because the guest was a women that could NOT bring them self to condemn the quranic misogyny or homophobia where ISIS was tossing gays from roof tops and the Saudi be killing them too .

      Liberals sure looked oh so brave bashing Christians , but now they are facing islam and Jihad terrorism where they could be killed in public via a beheading like Van Gogh for offending islam or allah .
      These gutless weasels are now quiet over the gang-rapes in Europe by muslims which pretty well destroys Justin’s claims that his Liberal party is the defender of Women’s rights while Harper had the war on women since Justin has been quiet of the rapes and now want to bring in about 40,000 of these same “refugees” .

  • luna

    Exeter is prestigious, school for future leaders, Zuckerberg attended.

    Looks like Exeter favors political correctness & moral relativism over common sense & conscience. Doesn’t bode well.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Moral cowardice is part and parcel of elite education.