Dutch Journalists barred from #Rapefugee asylum debates cry foul

The Dutch association of journalists NVJ and Omroep Flevoland is considering going to court because of emergency decree at public meetings, such as debates about asylum centers. An emergency ordinance means that the press can be denied access to the meeting, and the NVJ wants the court to stop this, BNR reports.

According to the NVJ, an emergency decree is a “disproportionate” measure that is “alarming and unworthy of a democracy”, a spokesperson said to the broadcaster. The association describes situations like in Heesch as “yet another case where the press is denied access and can’t do it’s monitoring and reporting job.”

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  • moraywatson

    Political correctness is going to cost a lot of infidels their lives.

  • P_F

    ‘Democracy’ is practically finished in Europe & eroding fast in Canada & USA.

  • politicallynaive

    When you ban the press, you know then something is not kosher…