Canada steps away from Israel

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27th, people around the world commemorate the horror inflicted on the Jews of Europe.

It therefore seemed like an odd week for world leaders to condemn the world’s only Jewish state, Israel. After all, Jews were given sovereignty and statehood in Israel in order to ensure the Holocaust is never repeated.

  • canminuteman

    It was bound to happen. As soon as there were muslim votes to gain than jewish votes to loose politicians were going to start pandering to the muslim vote. It serves the jews right. They are a group that has been huge pushers of multiculturalism in the first place.

    • Alain

      I disagree that pandering to Muslim voters was the reason, not that the Liberals are beyond such things. The reality is that at least in my rather long life time, there has never been a Liberal government that was unbiased towards Israel much less the least bit pro-Israel. I do agree concerning Jews who vote or support Liberals.

      • I have long maintained that LPC support for Israel was skin deep.

        • lolwut?

          The Liberal party has been a trojan horse for the third world for a very long time.

          They saw them as votes so much they turned into junkies and now it’s the third world that runs the whole thing.

    • mobuyus

      I don’t know that I would blame Jews, for justin listens only to his muslim advisers. Canada’s foreign policy is now based on sharia law.

  • Oracle9

    Canada slips into the the dark age and joins the anti-Israel nations, with a thin veneer of supposed support for her. Justin’s taqiyya.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The conveyance of sovereignty and statehood to Israeli Jews was in the form of a nonbinding UN General Assembly resolution. Israeli Jews were preparing to fight for independence no matter what the UN decided.

    • Jim Horne

      In effect Israel is in the canary in the coal mine of liberty and democracy.

      When Israel is held to a double standard or it is ridiculed or it is attacked or it is even ignored by the EU, US or Canada all free and democratic countries are less for it.

      The Middle East Dispute

    • Bernie

      I am a Canadian and Justin does not speak for me. I voted for and helped elect Peter Kent in my riding!
      I will endure Justin’s next 4 years as this is what a Democracy does, however, the next Election, is Justin to lose! If we can catch the Liberal Party being corrupt, that will be the only way to take them out of power before their term is up.

      • lolwut?

        That would require people like Ezra to stop obsessing over Alberta and oil all the time and make use of their $4000+ cameras.

        Ezra had a prime opportunity to put the Liberals over the ropes with the story about people being kicked out of their homes to make way for Syrian migrants and he ignored it totally with a brief exception of Faith Goldy speaking about it for maybe 10 seconds.

      • G

        The Chretien government was the most corrupt since the St. Laurent government in the 50s and it was led by a senile drooling old leftover relic from Pierre Trudeau’s time and asshole Canadians kept voting for him. I think Justin the airhead is going to be in power for 10 years at least.

        • Canadian

          I also fear this!

      • Waffle

        Right now Junior and his handlers are riding high on their various power trips. However he has already demonstrated his tendency for “loose lips”. That much-awaited day may come sooner than we dare hope.

  • Spatchcocked

    This punk has no discernment…he can’t tell the good guys from the bad…..he’s a dangerous as well as benighted nincompoop.

  • Spatchcocked

    My country’s rep is soiled by this squalid little twerp.

  • Waffle

    “Canada is taking a step away from our friend and ally, and perching itself back up onto the fence, assuming the role of unbiased mediator between the Middle East’s only liberal democracy and the those trying to destroy it.”

    Not really. Justin Trudeau’s Canada is not on the fence, it is on the other side.

    Any Jew who insists on supporting the LPC and makes excuses for it is a blind fool.

  • reidjr

    My issue is not so much stepping away from Israel its this trying to get cozy with radical islamic countrys we should all be very worried about.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    These discussions of Justin has caused the following to pop into my head. Forgive me if this sounds silly and juvenile.

    “You say shehayda and I say shehahda,
    You say tomayda and I say tomahda,
    Shehayda, shehahda, tomayda, tomahda,
    Let’s call the whole thing off!”

  • ontario john

    To be fair, does he really know where Israel is?

    • Minicapt

      Yes , it’s in one of the office buildings south of the Sparks Street Mall:
      50 O’Connor Street
      K1P 6L2


  • Achmed

    We knew Justin kept his word when not one Minister in his cabinet was a jew and so many were faithful soldiers of Allah.