Associated Press Semantics – A Simple Tactic For Bias

Ability to manipulate language is crucial if a journalist is to transmit a biased message. Apparently Associated Press journalists have both the ability to manipulate language and the guidelines driving them to do so. AP apparently believes that Palestinians can never be terrorists, however many Israeli soldiers and civilians they kill or attempt to kill, whether with bullets, knives, stones or scissors.

One wonders whether journalists new to AP’s Israel office get an introductory session where they are told that they must not — when it is on behalf of AP — make use of the words “Palestinian terrorists.”

h/t Waffle

  • marty_p

    The Toronto Star (and Crescent) has two different approaches – one is identical to the AP word games where they can’t bring themselves to use the words “terrorist” and “Palestinian” in the same article.
    The other approach the Star takes is the Judenrein approach – censoring the news by omission. Nothing good ever happens in Israel, no Jews ever accomplish anything (even obit news articles refuse to acknowledge the deceased’s religion when Jewish even if the deceased has a name like “Moishe Cohen”), if Israeli’s are killed in a terrorist attack and the Palestinian perp escapes – no mention in the Star. If the Palestinian perp is killed then they revert to the AP approach. The Star(and Crescent’s) Travel Section has discussed wonderful touring in every 3rd world shit hole but they won’t mention that a tourist might wish to visit Israel.

    • The Star is sharia compliant, and so is Maclean’s