The JDL will protest the usual assortment of “anti-Zionist” wombats at York U Thursday, Feb 4 at 2 PM

All you need to know is right here.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Wished I could be there!

    • Read this and weep…

      This kid doesn’t seem to get that the “other side” would really rather crush his head with a rock than engage in an “intellectual debate” with him which he seems convinced will win hearts and minds due to the superiority of his “ideology” over the ideology of the anti-Zionists which to put it bluntly calls for the destruction of Israel.

      I am not sure who he really wants to convince, at any rate all his efforts to date have accomplished absolutely nothing.

      His statement follows:

      “Hi, my name is Pavel Filatov and I am a member of Israel Students Association at York. As someone who deals with this on a daily basis, and who fiercely defends Israel on campus, I am very nicely asking the JDL not to come to this protest.

      First of all, by bringing a large crowd you give more merit to their protest. This means more coverage and a bigger scene. Especially with the JDL’ somewhat more ‘aggressive’ approach, everyone at York will be made aware of this protest.

      Secondly, by showing up the JDL is ruining the reputation of legitimate pro-Israel clubs at York that fight against BDS using a calm academic approach. York Newspapers, as well as pro-BDS groups, will try to associate the JDL with my group in the public eye, thus ruining our reputation and ability to properly advocate against BDS. The JDL showing up also means that ISA cannot come to this protest anymore, because the York newspaper will associate us with JDL and ruin out reputation. One wrong photo could jeopardize what our pro-Israel groups have worked towards for so long.

      Finally, the JDL showing up will give young uneducated students an improper understanding of what Zionists really do, and give Jewish students a bad example for how to advocate for Israel.

      Again, I am saying all this as an Israel advocate who cares deeply about defeating BDS ideology on campus. Please stay away from this event, and allow our students to tackle this protest in a way that we see fit. The JDL is a beneficial group that has a place at certain events, but a university campus is not one of them.

      Please do not ruin the reputation of the Jewish and pro-Israel students at York, and do not come to this protest.


      • simus1

        You should think long and hard about why you choose to immerse yourself in a muslim terrorist friendly shithole like Dork U.
        Defeating ideology? Grow up.

        • Hard to have sympathy for anyone so determined to surrender.

      • Edubeat

        Hmm I just read some passages on the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising and I know real heroes don’t act Filatov’s way . Obviously he doesn’t read history

    • Physics grad

      I wish their funding was withdrawn, doors were closed, and charter to grant degrees revoked – then no one would need to be there.

  • Gary

    Liberals don’t get it . If Canada continues as a nation with about a 3% muslim population it is controllable and we can Contain the Terrorism threat with a minimal loss of lives thanks to Diversity and Tolerance

    BUT if we let it hit that 10% mark there will be regular Jihad slaughters and more demands for Mosques in Public school as well banning pork produce plus Prayer rooms in every Work Place along with Muslim NO-GO zone in Welfare housing.

    More muslims does not = more peace

    Once muslims hit that ugly number at 25% and up we can pretty well assume the jews will be wiped out or forced to leave Canada for their safety because Politicians like Wynne and John Tory love to pretend that they are Tolerant to embrace islamic Diversity when it’s actually because they know how predisposed muslims are to terrorism and riots.
    These weasels will sell-out Canada and Jews to side with the islamists as Justin is doing now .
    These islamists won’t stop at the Jews because we see the ISIS battle for a caliphate where they are murdering other muslims among the non-muslims.
    Plus we have the Shia Sunni hatred that will rear its ugly head one day and turn Toronto into a Baghdad where they bomb each others mosques.

    It now makes sense for why Paul Martin hid it $millions outside of Canada and used non-Union labour on his Ships to get even richer and be ready to flee Canada with the other RATS once Canada is close to be an islamic hell-hole run by sharia law and the quran .

  • Hard Little Machine

    Koranic justice – throw acid on them

  • GrimmCreeper

    I’ll quote the anti-semite H.L. Mencken: “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” Be safe, JDL.

  • David Murrell

    God speed you JDL and supporters, during your demo against anti-Jewish hatred at York U.

  • Minicapt

    Not wombats, which are cute marsupials; rather garden slugs: