Happy sloth story!

Anyone who doesn’t like sloths is bad, and should feel bad.*

  • That is a good sloth story.

    • Yes.

      • ntt1

        Yes good sloth stories are increasingly rare these days as the entire species spirals down into substance abuse and crushing government dependency.

        • None of our political problems are the fault of sloths, who want only to live undisturbed in the canopy and sleep a lot, which is a set of priorities a lot of people could identify with.

          • ntt1

            Yes it is an idyllic existence if you enjoy eating ants and the debilitating body rush of Formic acid.
            Incidentally the image of hanging upside down undisturbed in the tree canopy applies to many Canadian politicians.
            any body checked “green shift “dion for tell tale vinegary notes on his breath?

  • Editor

    I love sloth. I’m actually sitting on the couch right now, just browsing . . . Oh, slothS, sorry.

  • lolwut?

    Here’s a injured dog rescue video I saw yesterday, very graphic so be warned
    but the change is amazing.


    • Gary

      It’s amazing and the fur helps hide the damaged tissue.
      The only thing next to be done would be surgery to put in a fake eye to help kids get used to the dog to give it love while not being scared by the looks .

      • lolwut?

        I think a fake eye that doesn’t move would be a hell of a lot creepier then how it is now.

      • Feh. It’s just wonderful that they found an eye to save.

        I sent them money.

      • Ntt

        I would suggest implanting a laser pointer for that cyborg look,to scare the shit out of cats and small children

  • Gary

    It was so much of an example for the Economy in Ontario .
    The car represent the high Speed spending for Liberals where the sloth is a Government Union employee trying to get across the road to paradise , but it faces reality for how bad the problem is and now clings to the guardrail post with the hope that the cars/Debt-spending goes away and they continue to paradise to retire .

    The original story on this made me laugh because the sloth was actually running at full speed in his world .
    Much the CUPE/OPSEU members .

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s nice the little critter was cared for and returned to the forest rather than just plunked as being a bother.

  • ontario john

    That picture would make a great civil service recruiting poster.