Iran Insults Reconcilliation Effort By Liberal Government But Don’t Worry PM Useless Idiot Will Still Bend Over

Excess Luggage: Disgruntled Canada Wants Back to Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- Until yesterday it was at the forefront of the NPT-illegal economic warfare against Iran. Today, the Canadian government says it is out for a rip to find the quickest route back to the Islamic Republic – with excess luggage of course.

And with excess luggage we mean this: Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion has just told reporters that his government will lift some sanctions on Iran now that a deal has been reached to curb – what he called – its “contentious” nuclear program.

And his snobbery doesn’t stop there. Dion goes on to allege that “Canada will maintain a level of mistrust for a regime that must not have nuclear weapons, a regime that is a danger to human rights, and is not a friend to our allies, including Israel.”

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  • Jaedo Drax

    Sorry, which liberal is going to benefit from a reconciliation with Iran? Does one of them want to start importing Iranian automobiles? Maybe is setting up a supply management scam for Pistachios?

    • Look to Bombardier and SNC Lavalin and Power Corp etc etc etc.. this is all about Liberals greasing Liberal palms.

      • Jaedo Drax

        Unfortunately for Bombardier, Airbus beat them to the punch in Iran.

        • mauser 98

          Obama cooked the big deal… Boeing not selling there either

        • Maggat

          Yes, we’ll have to carry the Bombardier can by ourselves.

  • Millie_Woods

    Can we dispense with the adjective in the term “useful idiot’ now?

    • Maggat

      No! I might buy into ‘useless’ but that’s as far as I’ll go.

      • Millie_Woods


  • Alain

    Those rulers in Iran must be shaking in their boots at the threat of Dion and short-pants Trudeau facing them down.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    It’s been stated that Ahmadinejad’s quotes about Israel were complete lies to sell the war agenda because the West has had to go out of Iraq and in Iraq 3 times since 1990. This is the second time we will meaning the West will go back into Syria and Libya since 2011. It seems to me that the West and its leaders should volunteer their children or some other family member if they want to sound tough. The people in the West are sick of tired of wars which get us nowhere.

    In fact, the West created much of the problems in the Middle East to begin with.

    What we need is a non-interventionist foreign policy and one based on facts and not populism which the old Conservative party wanted just last year. It was based on emotion and using 6 CF-18’s would have done nothing except window-dress.

    The fact is NATO has not done anything about Turkey and that proves the War on Terror was just about serving the military contractors rather than do anything about terrorism.

    Iran is doing business and is not interested in war. It seems to me that those wanting war with Iran should volunteer for war. The rest of us have known and will remember the lies for decades to come.