Germany’s “Rapefugee” Crisis

“Why should we children have to grow up in such fear?”

That is the very reasonable question 16-year-old German teenager Bibi Wilhailm asks, in her 20-minute YouTube video, garnering her some much-needed recognition in cyberspace. Her video had first appeared on Facebook, but was taken down for reasons that still remain unclear.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Soon the only safe place for Germans will be inside barb wired camps. How droll.

  • Alain

    I disagree that the reasons why her video was Facebook remain unclear. It is called censorship by the enemy and its supporters.

    • BillyHW

      Douchebags like Zuckerberg give Jews a bad name.

  • Ed

    Screw you, white privilege precious. You raped and pillaged the colonies for centuries. Now the boomerang of justice is swinging back. Oh, don’t like it??? Well there is a way out, but it would mean voting differently.

    • luna

      I’m certain 16 y/o Bibi did not rape and pillage for centuries.

    • bob e

      ed .. you belong on ‘black, ignorant, fatherless, slovenly,
      dog anus ugly, lives matter’ .

    • pdxnag

      There has got to be a way to apply the Peter Principle to tribalist communities. We already have low expectations. Are they too high?

  • bverwey

    “Her video had first appeared on Facebook, but was taken down for reasons that still remain unclear.”

    It’s not that way at all, it’s perfectly clear. Facebook founder and Merkle got that deal done a while back. There shall be no other voice other than that of the state. Happening in most EU countries concerning criticism of the barbarian horde.

  • BillyHW

    Angela Merkel must must must be hanged for treason.

    • luna

      Fatima Merkel as she is now known in Germany.

  • luna

    Fight the terrorists over there, and help the refugees over there. Don’t bring them here!

  • luna

    Libtard says this girl is ignorant & hateful.