Time for a Trump-Cruz Unity Ticket?

In parliamentary systems, when a nation like Britain was faced with a deadly threat, competing parties tended to form unity governments – because “the prospect of hanging in the morning concentrates the mind wonderfully.” In deadly crises, American politics also swings toward unity. In the face of the Hitler/Tojo war, Republicans reluctantly joined FDR and Truman in a united front. Republicans and Democrats also cooperated, at least in public, in the face of the Soviet threat.

  • Sean

    The election would be anti-climactic if this were the ticket since a 40+ state landslide would be the outcome but Cruz has a bit of donor baggage. Why would Trump want to adopt that?

    • It would be a positive I think, a soothing of bent beaks and if Cruz id the “feared outsider” who’s also an insider as claimed maybe the ideal compliment to Trump’s public persona.

      • Sean

        I’ve been saying on Crackbook and at SDA, I think the Veep is a veteran of some sort. Petraeus, Mattis, someone like that. An outsider to Washington politics (of a sort anyways), someone the Men in Green love, a sop to the base.

        • Not a bad choice.

        • I agree. Trump’s weird — a weirdness that I accept and appreciate. But Cruz is also very weird — you can’t have two weird guys at the top posts. Somebody who looks kinda normal needs to be up there. Somebody like General Colin Powell would have been an excellent VP if he didn’t defect to the commies after he was ruined by the Republican establishment during the Bush years.

  • Xavier

    Not to be a wet blanket, but what’s Congress’s reaction going to be?
    Probably about the same as the liberals’: fear and outrage and anger.