The Saudi-Iranian beheading fiasco, and the oil price

The Sheikh Nimr execution in Saudi Arabia sparked massive tensions with Iran, or so it seems. Iran analyst Potkin Azarmehr says it was a manufactured crisis to spike the falling oil price

In the old days, before the media went digital, newspapers had at least one full day to study the details of the stories they were going to publish. Now, such is the pressure of being the first to publish a story and meet the shorter deadlines on the web that often just the headlines and the superficial aspects of the story make the news.

By the time more information is revealed, the story is not news anymore. Some specific niche news analysis outlets may discuss the more in-depth aspects, but for most working people, their limited leisure time does not allow them such luxury. The net result is that the average news readers are badly informed about current affairs, yet increasingly more opinionated.

  • Gary

    At first I thought the poster was part of a Ray Stevens gag Song to put on a beard and be Gene the Jihadist rap start .