The Madness Of The RCMP As Terrorist Social Workers

rcmpOTTAWA – For those who believe the dismissive mentality of our prime minister on terrorism — both at home and abroad — is myopic madness, it was disconcerting to recently hear Canada’s top cop sound more like a social worker than an arbiter of law and order.

Or, just as worrisome, to hear RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson echo his political masters in words that could have been scripted by the PMO.

  • mauser 98

    natch … seize all firearms from mentally ill white people
    flood the country with 3rd worlders

    the Kenyan is doing this now. the Brat didn’t dream this up

  • Shebel

    If there was ever a time that you could tell all your bosses to go fuck themselves—it is when you really are an olde coot . Why on Gods” green earth , do these pathetic old men still suck cock ? What the hell do they have to gain ?
    Money means nothing. What ? A pat on the head from the new Leader is going to make you young again? Really? What does motivate you pathetic old pricks to prance around and act like Lap Dog fools?

    • Waffle

      Pension +perks + patronage ‘pointments

    • mauser 98

      where are the senior military commanders that Bummer canned?
      where are the whistle blowers?

  • Shebel

    That is why we White Must keep our guns. There is nobody left to protect us–

  • ontario john

    And the media is reporting this morning that the Liberal government is warning ex Canadian soldiers that they could face terrorism charges if they go and join the Kurds to fight ISIS. Praise Allah!

    • Have a link?

      • moraywatson

        There is a rumour that your awesome blog has a “comment policy”. Is that true, because I couldn’t find a policy anywhere ?

        PS I thought the policy was to stay within the law.

  • Shebel

    Seriously— WHY are Western Democracies obligated to take ever fucking jigaboo monkee that packs up and has a summer trip visiting every Country in Europe ?
    Who said that WE are obligated to accept these animals ?

    Let me guess. The same people that said we are responsible for Global Warming and Must pay the price.

    I say that we accept no more migrants because if we do -then we will never meet out global warming CO2 limits.

    And besides— to hell with whole godamned works of them .
    Their game only works if people Play.

    We should just QUIT.

  • Justin St.Denis

    As I posted here the other day, the RCMP, OPP, QPP and most police forces no longer protect and serve ordinary Canadians. Rather, they protect and serve the Official Narrative, and YOU are likely a lying racist terrorist and not an “ordinary Canadian”. That is their shared mindset. Their buttons are consequentially predictable. Be advised. Be careful. Police are NOT your friends under Sunny Ways…

    Dark days ahead!

    • Shebel

      If they arrest me ,then , I think that I will have a lot of company.
      Would you like to share cell with me?

  • Ron MacDonald

    He wants to keep his job, the Liberals will remove every Harper appointee as fast as they can legally get away with it.

  • mauser 98


    Jan 27, 2016 – Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, just before leaving for New Delhi on a 10-day trade mission

    Jan. 27, 2016 – Ontario Liberals charged in gas-plant scandal in court today


  • k

    Go to the psychiatrist to get the diagnosis of mental illness
    Then commit the terrorist act
    =get off with a light sentence due to your mental illness
    There is NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF FOR MENTAL ILLNESS other than symptom clusters
    =The terrorist just has to study HOW to answer the questions et voila the diagnosis of mental illness is born

  • moraywatson

    I would look for them in mosques and “islamic centres”. Friday afternoon visits would guarantee the highest rate of interaction with those in need of “help”. For treatment I would suggest a healty dose of apostasy from islam.