Oddly the “15 Year Old” Muslim child refugee who murdered an asylum volunteer in Sweden looks like a 30 year old

That is one gnarly lookin 15 year old.

15 year old Muslim Murderer

That ain’t no 15 year old…

  • Ed

    So a legal system churns at great expense to deal with this flotsam. Swedes are insane. And when they panic at what they’ve done to themselves and try to flee as refugees lock the door. Liberals need to have reality rammed up their asses.

    • The Butterfly

      Sadly, they’d probably like anything rammed up their asses.

  • Waffle

    Sun and sand can age you real fast.

  • JoKeR

    And 6 feet tall!

    I thought that when there is malnutrition that it stunts growth and yet Somalia is always demanding money because they claim they are starving.

  • Late 30’s, 40ish. Close enough — he’s barely weaned.

  • Exile1981

    The media keeps teporting the age they claimed to be, not a realvage to garner sympathy. So the media is aiding in the crimes by running interference.

    • Ed

      Why it’s as though they don’t want to try him as an adult!

    • They are complicit.

    • Blacksmith

      Well in their defense he is obviously black so we know from experience they can’t report their actual age or show pictures of them around the time of their crimes but must show the baby photo’s

  • luna

    Must have been born again.

  • Just like Khadr was a child.

  • Dana Garcia

    Illegal alien kiddies are allowed to stay and get lots of freebies. Adults are sometimes deported. So of course allah’s gangsters will lie about their age.

    Age faking isn’t new. San Francisco used to have a big problem with Honduran crack dealers with fake IDs showing them to be teenagers. The city provided them with a culturally appropriate group home in SoCal so they could be protected from deportation. But they just walked out the unlocked door. Stupid liberal values.


  • pop

    I’m surprised he didn’t admit he was 12

    • lolwut?

      But then he’d be raped by the other migrants.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    Someone should copy a close-up this photo and run it by someone in law enforcement who is trained to determine approximate age from photos (or maybe someone familiar with “photo aging” techniques), who doesn’t know the photo’s background, just to see what age they estimate the guy is. I certainly never would have put him anywhere near 15. Results might make an interesting story in themselves.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    I can see from the comments on the Daily Mail article that their readers aren’t buying the “he’s 15” story much, either.

    It’s crazy reading about the circumstances under which the murder happened…a single female on staff, at night, not even someone with any experience or training in dealing with violent people but a (no doubt) naive and idealistic 22-year-old psychology graduate, alone in the house with a bunch of male so-called “children” who all look like they are least 18 to 25 years old and nobody knows anything about, or if even their names are their real ones, let alone whether they have any criminal history or not. And she didn’t even know better than to not intervene in a knife fight between two of them, when any one with an iota of common sense knows that if you are a lone woman, unless you have superhuman strength or possibly Mossad-level training you do not try to break up a knife fight between two big strong men, you get as far the hell way from them as possible and call 911. Tragic as well as infuriating.

    • Nick Fisher

      May she RIP, but doubtless she was a lefty liberal who believed in “dialogue”, “equality” and the brotherhood of man. This is a lovely theory which rarely survives contact with reality.

      Tragically, the only safe space to indulge in this sort of delusion is in civilized countries which were built (and are still defended) by force of arms. Until the fifth columnists betray your heritage by admitting gangs of feral woman-hating youth…