No. You’re a delusional woman in a bad cat suit.

Alleged mis-specied cat woman‘I was born in the wrong species’: Woman who says she’s a CAT trapped in a human body

  • Clausewitz

    In Ontario we can go back to the NDP government of Boob Rae for shutting down all the nut houses because he felt it was “bad” to have people stigmatized for what they were. In reality what the socialist did was try to save some money by unleashing crazies onto the general public. Before Rae did this the “Homeless” population was much smaller than the present day accounting. The same goes these days for children that used to end up in schools that actually met their needs. In order to save money on the backs of the families of special needs children, McGuinty lied, and reneged on his pledge to help autistic children above age six. The whole integration scam is not helping anyone, neither the student who would be best served by special education, nor the rest of the students who suffer by having disruptions in their learning process.

    • Gary

      What makes it worse is the Immigrants that have a mentally ill relative back home and they lie to get them into Canada for our FREE Heath Care and a better Life .
      We have John Tory and Joe Mihevic endorsing giving Welfare to 300,000+ illegals in Toronto while Wynne also made a pre-election promise to give illegals FREE Health Care as well.

      The Police are now Social Workers with guns because there has been 3 cases where new comers to Canada bring in a relative with a mental health issue to exploit our heath care system of which the latest case used by the Cop-basher’s is Sammy Yatim .
      Yes folks, at the start of this case where Sammy pulled out a knife on a Street car while exposing himself at women to terrorize people I had read the comments from his landed Immigrant Mother that said ,at that time, she had brought him in because he wasn’t getting the health care back home for his mental illness and I didn’t expect this to happen .
      But the Cop-Haters and leftists and long with the CBC and STAR
      joined in hijacking this Immigration and Border security issue to make it about Cops killing innocent people.
      Now Sammy’s mother has the never to get a weasel Lawyer and sue the Police for her mistake and crime to sneak her son in the Country – as many do to get relative in Toronto to dump on Social services for Welfare, this was a crisis that Lastmen tried to stop because it was costing $90 million a year for Toronto of which he was bashed by leftist Liberal Councillors to get the immigrant votes – knowing he was a danger to people on Public Transit from the Mental health problems .

      Boob Rae agreed to a system for local support Centre’s once the Institutes were to be empty from the Long Term cases . But being in the NDP , HE LIED just as we saw for most of the NDPer’s .
      Politicians rob money from other programs and taxes to do what ever it take to stay in power which we see with McLiar and Wynne where Liberals take in over $3 billion from automobile taxes and fees but only spend about $1 billion on Roads and items dealing with cars which was why the $3 billion was collected.

      Now it Justin’s turn in Ottawa where he’s now going after the Muslim Vote and will bring in 40,000 more muslim refugees that will get better health care and dental care than Canadians along with Housing and Welfare while John Tory had said in 2015 that we had a homeless crisis right after that man froze to death in February while sleeping in a streetcar waiting shelter .
      The $100 million for refugees that Justin told us was the cost for them is already close to $1 billion with 40,000 more to come while many right now are in Hotels with NO sponsors other that the Sucker taxpayers . McCallum also told us in December that we must have compassion for the refugees because most suffer from PTSD from the war trauma.
      Now McCallum tells us that only 10% speak French or English , but if these “refugees” are in Jordan and Lebanon they are being looked after and aren’t really refugees.

  • ntt1

    Lordy if she starts climbing the drapes she could do real damage . Maybe she can go love with Stefan on knee ,another brain case

  • mauser 98
  • Hard Little Machine

    So does she always smell like wet pussy?

    • JoKeR

      Possibly from sitting in a litter box all day?

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator


  • Waffle

    Wow!! So I’m not the only one?

  • Ed

    I think the test is to drop her upside down. If she lands on her feet she’s a true cat.

    • V10_Rob

      Specist labels like ‘human’ and ‘cat’ are just social constructs.

  • Xavier

    “Nano from Norway”

    I can’t even. Fuck it just turn northern Europe over to the Muzz.

  • Mannie

    Do the responsible thing. Have her spayed. We don’t want that reproducing.

  • Clink9

    Cat people are SO weird.

    I’ll just let myself out now …

  • Alain

    I fail to see the problem. My goodness we already have men who believe they are women and women who believe they are really men, and the government approves and endorses it. I do however hope she doesn’t go outside of the litter box.

    • Gary

      I wonder if I could claim there is a Car inside me so I can live in a garage to get the CRA to deem me a non-entity and wasting asset as to not pay any income tax .

  • Millie_Woods

    My daughter went throuh junior high with a girl who wore cat ears and a tail, all year long. I guess it’s becoming a ‘thing’.