My American friend on why the GOP must die

For the United States to get on its feet again.

The GOP? But isn’t the Political Animal a Republican himself?

Well I wrote to him about that:

Animal, you should see the firestorm of vituperation against Trump in the popular media – not so much legacy media as just the media party (old and new) in general. I sense more is going on here, something to do with their own loss of control of what people are allowed to care about.

Like, all this crap about him not referring to II Corinthinians (a book of the New Testament) in an excruciatingly correct way. Was Trump applying for a job as an editor at a Christian publishing house?

I don’t like Trump; he worries me. But the kind of people who are now throwing this stuff out like trash out of a bus window would probably turn around and support the persecution of Christian churches. And these smug mediacrats think Christians are so dumb that we don’t realize that?

Contra them, Trump is not Hitler. Hitler had metaphysical aims, thousand-year Reich and all. Trump is in my opinion, a dangerous opportunist but he was handed the opportunity.

The GOP wants to govern globally. But local Americans vote locally.

I’ve always said that it was the GOP that needs to be destroyed, not the Dems. A natural conservative party would rise from its ashes, for better or worse.

What about a conservative party that simply said, We represent the people who are already here, work, pay their taxes, and abide by the law – and want to defend and enjoy what they have earned.

Selfish? Yes, but so? Complain about them to Pope Francis, not to us.

Animal, tell me something: Is Hill Clinton less selfish because she wants to give away other people’s freedom, security and money, to cement and amass her power?

Well, the Animal replied,

Yes, with real, actual voting drawing near it’s as though everyone has given themselves permission to lose it.

Not a good look, as the saying goes.

I think you have a brilliant insight: “something to do with their own loss of control of what people are allowed to care about.”

[O’Leary interrupts: Hey, Animal, it just shows how bad things have gotten that an old woman who just wants to live, think, and speak both freely and safely is supposed to be “brilliant” for wondering why—on both sides of the border—we are supporting, financially and otherwise, so many dorks who (whatever they profess) have no intention of making us a priority? Where do I go to get my Nobel Prize for Helping Turf Drones from the Hive? Okay, okay, it’s your turn … back to you … ]

Trump applies here as well. His destruction, not complete of course, of political correctness is wonderful to behold. And he doesn’t back down. The Left always counts on that. Being called racist or nativist holds no special magic now. People laugh and say whatever.

At any rate, once people are allowed to talk about what they care about, all sorts of control is lost. I really think you’ve hit upon something key.

Trump isn’t dangerous. He just isn’t. That’s echoed in the UK and France too. I’m not sure what those abroad see to make them think “danger!” He makes money in real estate. Pretty tame if not banal. He’s not conservative in many ways & I’d think that would give foreign observers some comfort. They could be in the early stages of processing him, too. Lord knows it took a couple of months for the American people to do so because we’ve never seen anything like this.

You’re right about the GOP needing to be destroyed and I think the NR hysteria is a sign that they are worried it’s happening.

Okay, Animal, please say more about the freakout against Trump at National Review. It has been astonishing, like a mass conversion. The problem (it seems to me) is that they don’t get it. Why do they not notice that potential victims of war, crime, or mass unemployment don’t care about their valueless theories and don’t want to abide by their “what youse rubes must do to be acceptable” rules.

Anyway, what about Trump missing debates?  Over to Animal!

See also: US middle class ready for a 3rd party? But why does it matter if they are? The reasons the middle class is declining are historical and structural. Today, the power and money will come from marketing the newly needy, often to struggle against each other in identity group conflicts.

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  • Well they’re going about it slowly, starting by shooting themselves in the foot.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    As I have said before, we are not supporting Trump because we think he is the second coming of Descartes, but are instead hiring an arsonist who will set fire to the drapes of the GOP establishment.

  • Martin B

    The GOP sucks donkeys.

    • andycanuck

      “Donkeys” with an upper case D too, Martin!

  • Xavier

    If anyone still believes Fox is a Conservative channel, then why have they teamed up with the uber-left Google? Why have they brought in Michael Moore and Moslem/Black/Latino activists?

    Fox’s current banner on their website: