More Germans are arming themselves to deal with increased diversity

Gun sellers say that most customers want a pistol that can fit easily into a handbag or a small drawer in the night table. “People no longer feel safe, otherwise they would not be buying so many products here,” says a seller in North-Rhine Westphalia.

For the last few weeks he has been selling – like many of his colleagues – an average of three times as many alarm, gas, and signal guns as he was prior to the attacks that took place in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. The attacks, which targeted women, made international headlines and raised concerns about refugees among large segments of German society.

  • They just need to adjust to “diversity” some more.

    (sarcasm function disabled)

  • bob e

    they need to adjust to ‘diversity’ with leopard II tanks, infantry, air cover & a dedicated train network heading SSE ..
    with stops at each border XXing .. make the turks a deal they can’t refuse & let deutschland DNA clean the whole of europe
    which merkel has begun. U could have her strapped to the lead tank
    a la mad max, but that may be too much .. eh ??

  • Gary

    We won’t miss the Invaders unless we run out of bullets .

  • mauser 98

    off topic
    LaVoy Finicum shooting video re Oregon
    go to 5:50 minute mark
    appears Finicum had his hands in the air but did reach under his coat

  • politicallynaive

    About time…Diversity for diversity sake is hopeless. Merit should be the overriding reason…