Mass rape: Think globally, betray locally

Further to The socialist police of Europe “would love to help you” but can’t: Even The Guardian can’t pretend it’s all the fault of people who are just so uptight that they oppose rape:

So it is impossible either to prove or to disprove, from official statistics, the nationalist claim that the rapists are disproportionately young male migrants. Yet that claim is repeated as a fact in racist and xenophobic parts of the internet. What is certain is that you would hardly ever find it mentioned, even to refute, in the reputable Swedish media – until last week.

This is the really damaging effect of the Stockholm scandal – and it is worth noting that only one of the reported assaults at the festival was classed as rape: most were mob gropings, which are still terrifying and criminal violations.

Um yes, they are terrifying and criminal, Andrew Brown, especially if one is the victim.

How generous of the progressive writercrat to concede that…

The Swedish political and media establishment decided to deal with the threat of a nationalist and xenophobic party, the Sweden Democrats, by ignoring them and hoping they would go away. This policy was fuelled partly by wishful thinking, partly by principle and partly by self-righteousness. It ended disastrously. More.

So the disaster isn’t that so many women were raped but that some people found out the truth about progressive government and media, and publicized it so we can all know what to expect from them in future.

The statistics Brown frets over are compiled by the same people who buried the story—so what’s to trust? Still, anyone who doesn’t trust them is probably a Nazi, right? That’s surely enough to make us believe.

Reality check: In most societies from the dawn of time, if groups of young men roved the streets raping women at will, no one would bother with what the official statistics allegedly “prove or disprove” about their origins. There would be mass executions.

Ooh, ooh, brutal!, you say, Andrew Brown? But it’s only brutal by comparison with effective-but-less-brutal government.

It’s not brutal compared to tossing one’s own citizens to the wolves and then covering up one’s cowardice, as Sweden has chosen to do.

And that’s where the “global politics” betrayal comes in. Today’s European leaders are moral dilettantes who pick and choose causes by which they can preen in front of each other. They don’t care about the people they individually and corporately swore to protect.

That said, I have no sympathy for anyone who ever votes for any of them again or reads their work or listens to their speeches or receives them in decent society. Now that we know what their moral fantasies are costing us, there is simply no excuse.

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  • I bet Mr. Brown had nothing at all to say about Rotherham.

    • Rotherham was the fault of imperialist male chauvinist pigs, right? Anyway, it maybe didn’t happen. Or not to the people they said it happened to …. and wasn’t done by the people accused … I mean, if we follow the logic of Brown’s piece above. The bottom line is, the victims don’t matter because protecting them would have been bad for elite moral grandstanding.

  • pdxnag

    Is their TruthPhobia a genuine phobia or just dangerous idiocy?