He doesn’t want to alienate that all-important Holocaust denial vote

PM Trudeau’s statement on the Holocaust doesn’t mention Jews

What Justin Trudeau Did—and Did Not—Include in His Holocaust Remembrance Statement

  • UCSPanther

    This should be Justin’s theme song:


  • Gary

    The islamofascists have their useful-idiots .

  • Jay Currie

    Well, to be fair, Justin might not have known about the Jewish part of the Holocaust. Modern education and all that.

    “Now class, Hitler was a bad man and not like all the other Germans. And he killed a lot of people some of whom were gay. And Roma. And he was mean to a lot of other people. And there was an awful war where there were no heroes only poor people whose life choices were disrupted. Which was really too bad. But that was a long time ago and the Christians had the Inquisition and the Crusades a long time ago. So, now that we’ve covered pre-EU European history, back to how the White People murdered the First Nations.”

    • Oracle9

      Accurate description of the mental damage in too many Canadians. I guess that’s why we elected who we did.

  • Oracle9

    One thing sure, Justin will never set foot in Yad Vashem.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      If he ever visits Israel, it would be stomach-churning to watch the real point of his visit, i.e. praising Hamas and Hezbollah and so-called “Palestinians” as he tours the West Bank and Gaza while ranting against the “Zionists” in coded Newspeak CBC-approved language.

      It would be nauseating beyond most BCF readers’ ability to watch. I, for one, already find it a challenge listening to him on our mainstream media. *sigh*

  • Hard Little Machine

    His statement on Holocaust Day made NO mention of Jews or antisemitism:


  • John

    Yeah, that statement was designed so as not to alienate his ‘denier’ constituency. Any overt expressions of sympathy for Jews will cost the little shit votes, and so he goes the weasel route.

    • zee

      Worst part is that it won’t alienate any of his Jewish voters either.

      • Etobicoke_Gladiator

        Some, but definitely not the majority. *frown*

  • Spatchcocked

    What did you expect from a part time drama teacher other than an eagerness for dressing up and method acting an exciting role…..
    The terrible thing is that this shallow arrested developmentally man child will internalise his “role” and formulate national policy thereupon.
    Everyone of his fatuities hatches a cuckoo that will eventually come home to roost…..the kid is as hare brained as his mother.

  • ontario john

    That would upset his imam in Peterborough. And where is our External Affairs minister Dion today. Well, he is certainly not taking up the cases of the Christian couple being accused of spying by our good friend China, or the Canadian Christian pastor in Korea. No, he is discussing global warming today.

  • disqusW6sf

    I cannot stand seeing that man or hearing him. Off goes the radio. I’m thankful I don’t have a TV.