Death Row Iran: Inside the women’s prison where inmates await execution, bring up their babies and struggle to survive against the odds

Sleeping in squalid conditions, queuing for hours on end for food and struggling to care for a newborn baby are just some of the horrifying challenges girls in Iran’s grim prison’s face.

Dozens of juvenile offenders – some of whom are just nine years old – are languishing on death row for crimes such as murder, drug trafficking and armed robbery.

In Iran, the second-biggest user of capital punishment in the world, young women can be hanged for crimes, following unfair trials, including those based on forced confessions extracted through torture and other ill-treatment.


Don’t worry girls! Justin will take a selfie with you!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Anything they can do to help send their entire culture back into the black sewer of the Dark Ages is a good thing. And it should be all the liberals helping them get there before jumping into the flaming hole in the ground last.

  • AlanUK

    “Don’t worry girls! Justin will take a selfie with you!”
    That will guarantee their immediate execution for fraternising with a non-Muslim.

    Unless …