Danish nightclub boss who is facing prosecution for banning #Rapefugees says he would rather go to jail than back down

A Danish nightclub boss facing prosecution for banning all migrants who don’t speak his language says he would rather go to jail than back down – because they ‘need to learn a smile isn’t an invitation for sex’.

Tom Holden Jensen has excluded all men from Syria and Afghanistan who cannot speak Danish, English or German from his Buddy Holly club in Søenderborg after a number of women said they felt threatened and intimidated by sexually aggressive men who groped and ‘raped them with hands’ on the dance floor.

  • That takes courage.

    • Editor

      Yes it does, considering he will probably be charged or fined eventually. Denmark has just fined a 17 year old girl for using pepper spray to defend herself from a sexual assault or “merkeling” as I like to call them. Europe’s institutions, government, police have apparently decided to stop defending its citizens. Serves them right, bunch of law-abiding, tolerant, generous, compassionate a-holes!

  • lolwut?

    Where is this party money coming from?

  • bob e

    way to go bruv .. merkel keeps this up & KA-BLAMO !!

  • V10_Rob

    The more people resisting the better. If every other European refuses to participate in their own suicide, what can they do? That can’t charge everyone.

    Perhaps more importantly, you put the shoe on the other foot. Most people are uncomfortable with being socially outed from the herd. It’s that shame and ostracization the progressives have been using as a weapon to beat the skeptics into line. But if a majority (or just a vocal minority) stand by their conviction, like this boss, and shun their self-destructive neighbors, then the emphasis to conform falls on the diversity mafia.

  • MattBracken

    Bravo! Civilized humans need to make a stand against the alien Ork invaders, and the Quisling traitor “leaders” who are encouraging the invasion.

    The Alienork Way: a cautionary tale for civilized humans facing an Ork invasion
    Maoris, Moors and Migrants: A history lesson for civilized humans facing an Ork invasion