Thanks PM Useful Idiot! Residents at Toronto hotel say they’re being booted for Syrian refugees

Some long-term residents at a Toronto hotel say they’re being evicted on short notice to make room for an influx of Syrian refugees.

One woman, who didn’t want to be identified, told CityNews she’s been living at the Toronto Plaza Hotel at 1677 Wilson Avenue with her three kids for the last six months.

But when she approached management to continue her weekly $300 payments she says she was told she had to leave — that day.

She says she had to beg for one extra night, but the next morning she was evicted.

“It’s really hard,” she said. “Many tears.”

  • Ottawa Eyes

    I’m waiting for Justin Turdeau to legalize euthanasia so he can make more room for our replacement population he is bringing in.

    • He is being used for just that purpose.

      • Raymond Hietapakka

        What? …keep paying all those people Canada Pensions, when the Lieberals would love to squander those last few C.P.P. cheques instead? …a no-brainer.

        • A bit off-topic, but according to a Radio report last night (it was either Radio 640 or Newstalk 1010 — Toronto) Wynne is justifying her Provincial pension plan because “people between the ages of 24 and 35 do not have a pension.”

          Who the heck has a pension at the age of 24, and who even thinks of a pension at that age?

      • Trudeau promised more “diversity”.

        The voters get what they asked for.

        • BitterClinger

          Dieversity is the new spelling, pass it on. 🙂

  • Clink9

    Looking forward to watching this story on CBC news tonight.

  • Yo Mama

    Move out the Canadians from public housing, tear it down, build new expensive buildings but move in the foreigners!

    Too late, Toronto Community Housing Corps already did that in Regent Park!

    • k1962

      And we wonder why they expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. These are not the kind of migrants we need and this is not how they should be treated should we ever expect them to work.

      • Liberal Progressive

        You are so demanding!

        We don’t expect them to work, only to vote Liberal.

        • k1962


  • mauser 98

    Merkel has done the same
    reporter who exposed this government policy thought it was a joke. fake plant story
    it is real

  • It’s like dominoes — one freakin’ disaster leads to another. I think the Liberal Government should just resign, admit they lied and bribed their way to power, and misled the Canadian electorate using the CBC as their disinformation/propaganda outlet.

    • Oh it’s going to get a lot worse, I have a post scheduled for later, Trudeau has restored the Public Service Unions right to rob us blind, he is replicating the Wynne + Union alliance at the federal level with the payoff being the LPC gets the unions electoral muscle.

      • Liberal Progressive

        We will have a Liberal Dynasty that shall last for a thousand years!

      • ontario john

        CTV reports that the rejection of Harper cuts to the public service means an additional cost of one billion dollars this year. Then we have the additional millions being promised by the Liberals for whiny indians. Those Wynne aides that flocked to Ottawa are working out real well.

        • Clausewitz

          More public sector jobs, and still a white male will never be hired.

  • Gary

    Don’t forget that John Tory and Wynne have embraced the refugees while Joe Mihevic at City Hall recently told the media that the 300,000+ illegals in Toronto will get welfare and housing along with FREE health care .
    last year in February where Harper was the PM we had City Hall and Mayor Tory showing outrage over that homeless Canadian man that froze to death at night
    in a transit stop waiting area shelter .
    Now that Justin’s the PM we see John Tory suddenly stopped caring about Homeless crisis for Canadians or the housing shortage for single moms.

    Toronto is heading to a $5 billion debt while Wynne is racing her way to $400 billion , not to be outdone , Justin is screaming his way to $700,000,000.00 to pay off the 39% of the voters that got Boy Blunder elected.

    Just wait until the Bills come in for the Police costs from the gang rapes and stabbings since Justin promised to bring in the 25,000 pro-sharia homophobic jew-hating muslims where at lease 5000 will be sex starved young males .

    Let Justin sell his $1 million dollar Benz from daddy and give it the refugees because Wynne and her liberals already raped out pay checks and don’t have much left .

  • k1962

    That’s disgusting. They did it in Europe too. I wish there was something that could be done to stop this. It’s so unfair.

    • lolwut?

      A few Germans and people in other countries have a solution.

      • k1962

        I guess when you feel that your “representatives” aren’t listening to reasoned arguments and evidence as to why so many benefits shoppers should be let into your country, some people fee that they have no other alternative.

  • DMB

    Did somebody say selfies!

    • k1962

      Ugly baby.