Swiss Get Tough: Father and son who tried to throw wife off their balcony to receive counselling

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Father and son wanted to throw woman from balconyOne child prevented two men threw his mother from the balcony. He bit his father to violently in the hip.

A 34-year-old man and his 68-year-old father now have to answer before the Winterthur District Court. The two are said to have tried last summer to cast the wife of 34-year-olds from the balcony on the third floor. The woman showed no respect, according to the indictment was the justification for the action.

The trigger was under indictment a dispute between the now 32-year-old nursing assistant and her father. With the words, “You have no respect, now is finished. Now we throw you over the balcony and kill you, “said to have become palpably the 68-year-old father from Kosovo.

According to prosecutor he grabbed his daughter, also from Kosovo, on the shoulders and lifted her up. His son helped with immediately and held his wife tightly to the feet. Under strong opposition the woman was dragged on to the balcony and the railings…

A fall from the third floor, it did not come however: The 9-year-old, frightened son rushed to his mother for help. He bit his father so firmly on her hips that he let go of the mother. She was able to free himself and call the police in the kitchen.

Since then, father and son sit in jail. The indictment calls for an unconditional prison sentence of 8 months and a fine of CHF 400 for the father. For the son and husband sought an unconditional prison sentence of 10 months and also a fine of CHF 400th Both are accused of coercion, threats and assaults, or assault.

The prosecution wants to oblige the husband also the tutorial participate “Partnership without violence”. There learn violent men, to analyze the backgrounds of their behavior and in future to act differently. Required are also regular control talks with the Zurich Office of Corrections.

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  • The graphic and headline for this story is so good. BCF has to be one of the funniest politically satirical sites on the web. While at the same time being one of the most deadly serious.