Skirmishes on the Indian front

DELHI — What do you make of this month’s attacks on Pathankot Air Force Station and Bacha Khan University? My guess is you don’t know — you’ve heard next to nothing about either.

In part, that may be because the Indian subcontinent is very far from America. On the other hand, aren’t we supposed to be living in a global village? The media’s inattention also may reflect the view, recently expressed by trendsetter Barack Obama, that it’s “over the top” to suggest we are engaged in “World War III.” If there’s no world war, why should distant battles concern us?

  • Because India damn well means to settle things and stuff the post-modern West if it doesn’t like it.

  • xavier

    I did. I read the Times of India account and it was basically a near run clusterfuck. Ifrom the account i read between the that the terrorists came within a hair’s breath of destroying a part of India’s nuclear arsenal.

    Again it’s pretty obvious who was behind it.


  • Minicapt

    Some people feel that following the travails of DonJohn more edifying and providing greater inner satisfaction.


  • It certainly is part of the ongoing WW3.

  • AlanUK

    The two attacks were reported in the British Press For example, the Garundia and also on the BBC (Asia page on the BBC News blog).
    Can’t remember anything on the Radio 4 News or on the rare occasions I watch BBC TV News.
    If you wanted to find out more, the information was available. But, you needed to know that something(s) had happened. Of course, if you knew you needed to know something you probably already knew much of what you wanted to know.
    (I think that made sense, but who knows?)