‘Religious tensions’ between Muslims & Christians spark gunfight in French migrant camp

Police believe the fight erupted between rival people smuggling gangs against a backdrop of simmering tensions between Muslims and Christians in the camp.

David Michaux, a CRS anti-riot officer from the Unsa-police union, told Le Figaro: “There is a real problem of Muslims and non-Muslims. Most of the camp’s 3,000-odd occupants are Muslim Kurds from Iraq, Iran and Syria but a minority are Christians from Iran.

“The Muslims are trying to expel the Christians from the camp,” Mr Michaux claimed.

  • BillyHW

    Muslims are the scum of the earth.

    • Gary

      McCallum just told us last week that the 25,000 muslim RapeFugees coming in only have about 10% that can function and be employable in English or French to get jobs.
      He had also said in December that we had to show compassion for them because most of them have PTSD from the horrors of War.

      So our own Vets that have PTSD and are homeless plus are committing suicide can just go screw-off somewhere and die because the majority don’t vote for Liberals anyway .
      John Tory and Wynne are driving up the debts by getting these refugees in Hotels with Free food and ER visits for FULL dental care that could cost us $5000.00 per person plus the Hospital stays for general illness.
      We will need about 8 Public sector workers for each muslim family or single mom , then there is a demands on the Public schools where we know that the TDSB and Wynne will impose Sharia law Halal rules on ALL children plus a Mosque in the gym on Friday’s.

      Caving to islamists with the hope that they won’t do jihad terrorism is seen as a weakness where muhammed tells them to strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers to see allah’s wrath and power .
      Barbara Hall won’t put down the crack pipe to wake-up and smell the prayer Rug until her pro-sharia Public schools with Mosques start to have suitcase bombs brought in by the Boy Genius muslim and slaughter hundreds of students including other muslims.

      I stopped buying the BS from islamists like Imam Rockwell or the hamas linked CAIR Shhema Khan .
      When they claim that 99% of the muslims are peaceful…. I now demand that they give me a List of the Islamic nations that have those 99% which condemn sharia law while giving Rights to jews and gays to be free from violence .
      So far their muslim utopia’s are Turkey and Malaysia , the rest aren’t true follower of islam .

      • Etobicoke_Gladiator

        “PTSD from the horrors of war” should read as follows:

        “PTSD from the horrors of Islam and living in an Islamic nation and culture”

  • H

    They should call in the Pope to explain to those Christians, who are being harassed by Muslims, that they need to be more tolerant.

    • infedel


  • What I don’t understand is how they ended up with refugee camps IN FRANCE in the first place. Refugee camps should be in the region close to where they are supposedly escaping — the nearest “first country” of refuge from the war. The Government of France seriously screwed up somewhere.

    • infedel

      Marxist re-definitions.

      • Minicapt

        Advised by both the EU and UN.


  • infedel

    Explain that tolerance again marxist left and secular but Christian France.

  • Shebel

    I know what I would like to do to that camp—- and it won’t be marshmallows toasting .

  • AlanUK

    4 step solution:
    1 Muslims expel Christians from the camp
    2 Christians collected and accepted for asylum.
    3 Muslims have done the job of sorting out who has a case for asylum. Thank you.
    4 Now, GO AWAY.