PM Useful Idiot Giving Predatory Public Service Unions Carte Blanche To Fiscally Rape Citizens

As expected PM Useful Idiot is making the same deal with the Federal Public Service that his Thief and Mentor Wynne made with Ontario’s rapacious public service unions.

In return for their electoral muscle PM Airhead is reversing sensible policy implemented by the Conservative government.

And why not? It’s only your money! And your children’s future.

Liberal negotiations with civil service unions could reverse $900M in annual savings

The Liberal government has confirmed it will repeal Tory legislation that allows Ottawa to impose changes to short-term disability and sick leave in the public service.
The Treasury Board recently signalled to federal unions that it would make withdrawing a provision in Bill C-59 “one of its first orders of business.”

The action is expected to have fiscal consequences.


Background… Ottawa’s toxic sick leave regime

Negotiations with federal public service unions are set to resume and sick leave benefits should remain a part of the discussions. It is well-documented that public sector workers claim sick leave more than the private sector. Less understood are the reasons for this gap, which has its origins in incentives, the public service culture of entitlement to superior benefits and the refusal of government unions to tell its members that the gap exists and is widening.

  • ontario john

    It will be a grand homosexual parade this summer in Toronto, as Trudeau and Wynne sit together as naked men wave their wangers at them in gratitude. I bet Trudeau will even be wearing a brand new set of pretty beads.

    • Yup.

    • Clink9

      They better wear a haz-mat suit as well, if they’re sitting within range of all the water guns spraying around.

  • The number one rule democracies need to implement is – no deficit spending, or unfunded liabilities (for pensions).

    If politicians had to raise taxes in order to pay for all of their political promises, the outlandish promises would stop. Buy paying for promises with deficit spending, today’s politicians are passing on debt to their children.

    Liberals could not get their “free lunch” programs through if the electorate saw an immediate raise in taxes.

    • We also need term limits and laws limiting bureaucracy and public service unionization.

    • Physics grad

      The number one rule democracies need to implement is – no socialists, and no muslims.

  • mauser 98

    billions$$ for global warming scam sent to 3rd world hellholes and UN criminals.
    just piss it all away

  • Reader

    Time for a musical interlude for Liberals….

  • Physics grad

    Canada needs a coup.

  • DMB

    Wynne and Trudeau

  • ontario john

    Just watching the Liberals explaining the new policy on pipelines. Sorry, if your unemployed in the oil industry in Alberta or Sask. or screwed. All pipeline proposals must now be approved by whiny indians. Nation to nation talks must be held regarding pipelines at the liberals put it. And even though the BC pipeline has already gone through its hearings, additional talks with whiny indians will happen now. And of course global warming science will now also be given more consideration. Yes, our economy is truly screwed. “Sunny Ways”

  • UCSPanther

    Keep it up Trudeau. The more you screw up, the more egg you will have on your face by the time this term is up.

    • it’sthatbad

      For God’s sake , don’t wait that long Canada………protect yourself as soon as you can………..Sweden is now deporting 80,000 of it’s refugees, and Baby T, is handing out coats and hugs…………he will get back Bombs, and the end of Canada as you know it……!!

  • it’sthatbad

    Oh Canada………..what have your people done !! Pretty Boy is not on the side of honest hard working good Canadians.