Israel native encounters swastikas, anti-Semitic slurs while visiting Berlin refugee camp

“…In one of the long corridors separating hangars that serve as living areas, the visiting Israeli came across anti-Semitic graffiti scrawled across the walls. According to the report, the graffiti included red swastikas, Stars of David accompanied by the satanically-affiliated number 666, and maps of Israel in the colors of the Palestinian flag.”

How is that different from York University?

  • Physics grad

    sounds like the office of the york u president

    • Liberal Progressive

      In multicultural countries we must respect their culture! Our leaders have told us that over and over.

  • The Butterfly

    LoL York degrees.

  • Kit Ingoldby

    And he came out of the camp ‘hopeful’. Just what is it about Jews that they have such a blindspot toward Muslim hatred of them? These are the real anti-semites. These are the ones who actually want to reopen the gas chambers. And the Jews still support millions of them flooding in.

    • NoPasaran

      Well, the Nazis built the airport anyway. It’s one of the few remaining notable examples of German Fascist Architecture that survived the war. The only reason is hasn’t been demolished and replaced with frickin’ condos or something is that it is so massive and well constructed that they can’t afford to raze it.

    • Shebel

      Stockholm syndrome ?

      • Kit Ingoldby

        Your guess is as good as mine. I’m genuinely baffled as to why the Jews have such a blindspot when it comes to the actual anti-semitism in the world today.

    • k1962

      No, many of us do not support letting them in. We are very aware that they mean what they say. It’s only Liberal progressives of all religions (United Church of Canada anyone?) who pretend to not understand what they mean when they say, “we will kill you.”

      • Kit Ingoldby

        ‘Liberal progressives’ of Christian denominations love to invite in those who hate them, they certainly suffer the same mental disease but it is clear that the mainstream Jewish establishment view is deeply invested in the idea of mass immigration. I’ve very glad to hear from you that a lot do not support letting them in. When people say they want to kill you, you really should believe them.

        • k1962

          It’s not the Jewish mainstream that supports mass immigration. It’s the fringe, those I refer to as independent Jewish misfits. However, maybe in time the Jewish fringe will become more numerous. I attended an event about 1 year ago or more where the former Israeli ambassador to Canada came to speak at my synagogue. There was a very, very large crowd. Whenever Stephen Harper was mentioned he got a huge applause. Same happened when Ed Fast came to speak a few years ago during one of the last wars with Hezbollah. The place was packed, including the basement with a live feed. The support for him and his party was overwhelming. I could tell by the numbers who came and the applause he got.

          Also, believe me, my closest Jewish friends, family and myself do not support what is happening in this country with the Syrian migrants nor do we support Muslim immigration in general. We don’t have security doors and guards at our Jewish institutions here in Canada because of the Vietnamese immigrants or Chinese immigrants or Tamils etc. There are also obvious issues letting in large numbers of anyone who needs to be integrated into our society. The government needs to scale it way back to make sure we can afford these people and that they come with or will eventually share our values and go to work!

          • Kit Ingoldby

            What you refer to as the ‘fringe’ has control of the large organisations putting out the ‘community viewpoint’ to the media and lobbying the government. You really need to stop them before we are all fucked.

            Men with machineguns are on guard outside the Jewish Museum in Berlin. They’re not guarding against the Nazis but when I read the Jewish Chronicle I see a positive review of a book about how the Rightwingers opposed to mass immigration are the new Nazi’s. I see articles about the moral duty to welcome in more Muslim immigrants. This is in actual, practical terms, insanity.

          • k1962

            We are not driving this country’s immigration policies, I guarantee you. You are giving us too much “credit” for this multikulti mess. You should look to the Anglicans, Catholics and United Church members who have been sponsoring Muslim refugees in large numbers for decades and get them to stop. Mainstream Jewish organizations help small numbers of Jewish immigrants coming to this country. Just because some of our lefties decided to jump on the progressive bandwagon and help a Syrian family here or there (mostly Christians, Yazidis, Kurds because even most Jews are uncomfortable with Sunni Muslims) doesn’t mean we are driving this mess. We are most definitely not. We are not the ones influencing Trudeau. Look to his friend Omar and buying the Muslim vote for that. We do not gain anything positive by large numbers of Muslims moving to this country. I had emailed Harper with my feelings about this over the years, but I will not have any pull with the idiot Trudeau whom I did not vote for.

  • NoPasaran

    From the phot, I could tell immediately that this took place INSIDE TEMPELHOF AIRPORT.

    Under 4 power occupation it was a US Air Force base. During the Berlin Airlift, the food, energy, medicines, and supplies that kept a city of 2,2 million people alive came through that airport.

    The place is practically holy ground for the men who kept a city of 2,2 million people alive and free of Soviet tyranny through one of Europe’s harshest winters. I once suggested that, upon it’s closing as an airport, that its’ grounds be made into a multi-national burial ground for the soldiers of the cold war.

  • God’s Honor

    It’s actually less anti-Semitic than York.