Is Sexual Assault of Women Condoned in Islam?

Following New Year’s Eve celebrations the world was shocked to learn that over 600 women in Cologne, Germany were sexually assaulted en masse by men who were described as predominantly as “North African” and “Arab”. News later appeared that this was not an isolated incident, but that other similar attack took place in other cities in Europe. The media kept this disastrous news under wraps for about four days before reporting on it. Reports also suggested that the police were also complicit in keeping this story under cover.

  • Maggat

    That placard that the garbage bag is holding should read:
    “Islam is the Perfect System to End all Mankind.”

  • Shebel

    Muslims don’t rape Our Children–
    Out Politicians do it for them.

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  • Kathy Prendergast

    How appropriate is the pile of stinking garbage next to that hooded piece of garbage with the sign.

  • Gary

    It’s so great that 1000’s are fleeing islamic hell-holes for non-muslims nation while many shame allah even further by making Refugee claims FROM islam’s barbarism and go on Welfare as a useless parasite that’s unemployable .