Fighting Islamophobia at Penn: is tolerance enough?

In the weeks since the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris that killed at least 130 people, some of the Republican Party presidential candidates have lashed out against Islam, making life especially uncomfortable for Americans who happen to be Muslim.

….”Whine whine whine” said College sophomore Saadia Akram, Islamic Education Co-Chair of the Penn Muslim Student Association. “Whine I still think people are simply just not whine educated about Muslims and Islam. Whine whine whine. Every time an attack happens I feel (whine) like we have to apologize whinity whine for something we didn’t do whinewhinewhine.”

“Whine whine whine”, she added. “Whinewhinewhinewhinewhine!!!! I’d like to whine a bit more now if you don’t mind. After that, I’m going to start whining.”

And of course CAIR.                                                                                 h/t

  • Islamic terrorism isn’t a “crybaby” thing — real people lose real lives. Micro-aggressions is. And of course who are the biggest whiners when terrorism hits their home turf? The Left. Remember when all the Socialist leaders gathered in Paris to march arm-in-arm after Charlie Hebdo? Pathetic. The right has a different approach, instead of whining we’re going to blow the Islamists brains out! (And the Left better be careful because there might be a few “fog of war” casualties among their Left-wing supporters).

    • Muslims should feel pressure.

      They are part of a death cult.

      Muslim denial, about Islamic facts, keep the death cult alive.

  • Ed

    “…Akram also mentioned that while she has never experienced direct discrimination as a Penn student…”

    All you need to know…

  • H

    Love that paraphrasing, Black Mamba: the Muslim spokespeople on “Islamophobia” do tend to all sound rather boringly repetitive and identical to each other, after a while. The thing that comes to mind for me when they quack off on this subject, is George Orwell’s “Duckspeak” where no one really understands what he or she is saying, except that their gibberish represents general praise and support for the party and Big Brother. Quack, quack, quack, quack … quack, quack?!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Where is this so called Islamophobia? Point to it. And don’t tell me about side eye or someone signing behind you at Starbucks. That’s not a hate crime. Point out this ‘torrent’ of hate crimes such that you can’t leave your house, your kids can’t go to school.

    Just show me.

    • simus1

      Someday science will be able to do a data dump and analysis of the muslim brain’s contents. Once the results are understood, there will be groundswell from the left to ban the procedure because it is so “racist”.

    • BitterClinger

      I once asked a bitch in a black bag why she was out at the store alone without her owner. Does that count?

  • Kathy Prendergast

    Yes, it’s terrible to be a Muslim in America. Those two cute little girls holding up a sign saying “I’m an American-born Muslim!” would already be encased in burkas and married to their cousins if they were in a Muslim country.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    I used to say that the only thing that ever seemed to upset Muslims about mass terror attacks by Muslims was the imagined “Islamophobic” “backlash”. Now I don’t believe they are upset by any of it, but react with positive glee at yet another opportunity to whine to the media about how unfairly persecuted they are and to scold the general public about how bigoted they are. They love the fawning attention they get from the media after yet another one of their coreligionists bombs, stabs, or shoots to death scores of innocent people.

  • Exile1981

    When I had cancer 2 years ago, I didn’t decide to tolerate it in the name of multicellularism. I had it cut out as the destructive, invasive organism it was.