Did Trump Smell an Ambush and a Setup from Fox News and The GOP?

AmbushMichelle Malkin thinks so!

And I agree with her. These three were picked by Google (massive leftists) and APPROVED by the RNC and I also assume Fox News Channel.

Dulce Candy (not her stripper name) is an ILLEGAL ALIEN and an illegal alien activist and is also the proud owner of an anchor baby.

Nabela Noor is a Muslim and a Muslim activist and gives makeup advice to girls.

Mark Watson is a fairly boring tech reviewer that seems to have no place in being there either, other than he’s black and likes to play off his prior service in the U.S. Army. There, I said it.

So, the questions Trump will likely be missing are why do you hate women, Muslims, Mexican illegals, and black people?

Do I got that right? Yeah, I think I have that right. It’s very possible that the Megyn Kelly blowup is just the tip of the stinky FNC/RNC iceberg.

  • Sure looks like it to me. That’s pretty despicable.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I mean they are not even PRETENDING anymore.
      So it’s official.
      GOPe HATES Trump more than Cruz.
      They are not afraid of Cruz.
      Trump scares the heck outa’em.

      • Xavier

        The far left is afraid of Cruz.
        The GOP is afraid of Trump.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Wow! That lineup does not look like the basis of an interesting debate. Is this FOX’s way of insulting Iowa as well as Trump? I mean, gimme a break. Those people are nobodies. They should be moderating a municipal town hall meeting where they live, perhaps. But NOT this debate.

    • DMB
      • andycanuck

        Oh no! She’s a conservative Independent! I read it in BCF’s comments section so it must be true!

        • David Murrell

          I have been reading Michelle Malkin for years, and she is a very reputable commentator. Why FOX News-RNC would sabatoge the Iowa debate, by bringing in left-wing questioners, is beyond me.

  • DMB

    FOX news has abandoned conservatives and now is as left wing as CNN. Hopefully they won’t go all the way to the far left just as MSNBC has.

    • Clausewitz

      Mostly they’re just pissed because they know that without Trump their ratings will crater.

    • luna

      Don’t confuse Trump with any political party representing the American public.

      Fox has always been conservative, I can see in a two party system there is always going to be a pull towards the center, but with the pendulum swinging to the right now does not seem the time Fox would back away from it’s conservative bias.

      That said Fox has in the past and currently does employ a small number of left wing progressive types, to offer an alternative, allegedly balanced perspective.

      Megyn Kelly (like most of the Fox hosts) is very smart, though she seems to be a slow learner on the subject of Islam. Sean Hannity in the other hand, has been opposed to Islam for a long time.

  • Xavier

    They’re had it in for Trump all along. How I despise Fox.

    FOX News Debate Anchors Actively Planned Zingers – Prepared to Escort Trump From Stage


  • mauser 98

    Fox News DID Attempt Trump Political “Kill Shot”
    “Muslim activist Nabela Noor was chosen by Fox News to participate in Thursday’s GOP debate. Noor has publicly condemned Donald Trump

  • PapayaSF

    Are you sure Candy is illegal? Supposedly she served in the US military, so I assume citizenship was part of that.

    • andycanuck

      I know a non-citizen can serve without using it to become a citizen (even though it is offered) like Canadians who served in U.S. forces in Vietnam. I don’t know how being an illegal would affect enlistment.

    • mobuyus

      I think she was servicing the US military.

      • john700

        To be clear, the anchor baby is not the result of the services she provided. It would be impossible.

  • simus1

    If this keeps up they are going to have to start calling him “General” Donald Trump.
    Wonder if he plays a very decent game of poker like Eisenhower was known for.

  • luna
    • Clink9

      Speaking of obsession …

      • andycanuck

        Ignore her. I’m not going to bother any more.

  • luna

    CAIR specifically called for this man to drop out of the election.

    • Adam

      Trump seems to have ’em outfoxed at every turn. Smarter than the average bear.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        His moves have been something to behold.

  • John

    This isn’t a debate, it’s an ambush.

  • AlanUK

    I know I’m a pedant (I believe in strict adherence to formal rules – how else can you be sharing ideas) but the ignorance of Dulce Candy about the basics of music (see the linked text) makes me wonder what she does know:
    There are 5 lines to a stave, not 6.
    The treble clef comes before anything on that line, not 3 poorly written notes.
    The clef starts on (and hence defines) the G line as being the second line up (Every Good Boy Deserves Food), not the second and third combined.
    And that’s just in 3 note pieces of written music …