Brought to us by the glorious and priceless women’s liberation government of Ontario

Get this: Further to Feminist coverup of mass rape,

In the stacks of cat litter box liner marketed under the brand “Ottawa Metro,” something jumped out at me:

TORONTO – Ontario’s colleges and universities minister says the provincial government approved the establishment of two male-only campuses in Saudi Arabia.

Premier Kathleen Wynne said Friday she’d just learned that the Saudi campuses set up by Algonquin and Niagara Colleges did not admit women, a situation she called unacceptable as she asked Reza Moridi to investigate.

Moridi confirms the colleges applied to his ministry to establish the Saudi campuses, and were given the green light by previous ministers in 2008 and 2012.

However, Moridi says the province’s responsibility is to approve financial plans for the Saudi expansions and that it’s up to the colleges to determine who is admitted.


Reality check: Now come on. How many feminist adminbots and profbots knew this, and said nary a word?

In lots of places in the Western world today, a woman can’t go into a women’s washroom anymore without the risk of a guy staring at her.

But hey, in feminist-run Ontario, the taxpayer was paying for men-only education in some of the most anti-women places on Earth.

And Ontario women vote for it. They love it. They want more.

Aw, Jane, I’ve had it with sympathy for you and yours. Get outta my face!

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  • DMB

    Maybe they thought they were all GAY male only campuses since that does fit into Kathleen Wynne’s world view.

    • Shebel

      that is so cute—They are doing the Eskimo Nose kiss.

      They are Integrating!

  • canminuteman

    If a private company wanted to set up a male only college in Saudi, i say fill your boots. But why is the a provincial government institution tasked with educating our young people involved in something this far out of their mandate?

  • WTF

    I wonder who was the Minister of Education in 2008??? HMMMM I wonder……

  • Doug Kursk

    The Metro! What a leftist rag…every story is virtue signalling from a left wing point of view and very anti-conservative.