Why I Support Donald Trump and Not Ted Cruz

Recently, I was asked by a friend who likes Ted Cruz, why I support Donald Trump and not the Texas senator among the Republican candidates running for president. In partial response to that question, let me set down briefly my thoughts.

I think it is important to begin with a review of some essential history, a brief exploration of the evolution of what is now called “Movement Conservatism” and its symbiotic relationship to the modern Republican Party. Understanding this background is critical to comprehending what has happened and is happening, politically and culturally, to what remains of the American republic in 2016. The transformation of the intellectual brain trust for the Republican Party has fundamentally affected and influenced the successive evolution of the positions the Republican Party has taken over the past fifty years.

  • A lot of prose. But it all boils down to survival.

    I stand a much better chance of surviving Islamic jihad with Trump than any of the other candidates.

    All you have to do is look at Western Europe to see the sh*t hole the progressives have created. Another 8 years of “progressive” rule and Europe’s Islamic social diarrhea will be here.

    The entire non-Muslim world needs to deal with the reality of Islam’s theological incitement of Muslims to kill.

    Trump is the only politician to even get the ball rolling. He gets my vote. To hell with the rest of the issues.

    • Words are not enough. Will Trump later do what he now says he will do? Is he using people to get power, and then once he has it do as he pleases? I claim no political expertise, but skepticism seems healthy in this context.

      • I agree.

      • I agree “skepticism seems healthy”.

        But Trump’s comment to stop Muslim immigration until we get it all figured out, did more in one sentence than all of the US’s politicians put together.

        Not a stinking other politician has said anything close to it.

        Someone has to get the anti-jihad ball rolling. How much longer can the world wait?

        He may flounder on this and other issues (I doubt he could be worse that Bush or Obozo) but he has already done humanity a big service by saying the truth about the Islamic death cult.

  • The website where this article appears seems to be anti-Israeli.

  • V10_Rob

    People are sick of electing RINOs whose first instinct is to capitulate or collaborate.

    • Yeah. What happened to the Tea Party people? Have they altogether disappeared from the political scene?

      • Xavier

        They’re Cruzbots now. Their Queen sold her soul on live television the other night.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    At this point, I would vote for any of the Republican candidates than for Hillary or Bernie.

    • Any other alternative is impossible — whatever happened to “moderate” Democrats? Heck, Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat. (Not that I can vote in U.S. elections but I’m definitely cheering from the sidelines).

    • Obviously.

  • Xavier

    I’m having a ball on another site pretending to be anti-Trump. Some of his supporters are a bit, um, enthusiastic. (Actually, I detest all politicians) But if he’s the nominee we all need to vote for him. If we have a repeat of ’12 where Conservatives just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Romney, you’ll be casting a vote for Hillary or Bloomberg.

    And who knows he might actually instill some fear in our enemies. A loose cannon, totally untried… who want to be the first to light the fuse?

    • Minicapt

      And when he becomes BFF with Justine?


      • Xavier

        I know, it’s an imperfect world. It really is a choice between the lesser of 4 evils.