US middle class ready for 3rd party?

So argues Katie Kieffer at Townhall:

For the first time in American history, the middle class is no longer a majority. Last month, Pew Research Center reported that less than 50% of Americans make between $42,000 and $126,000 a year. Over half of Americans are “lower class,” making under $42,000 annually while a handful of already-affluent Americans grows even wealthier. It’s infuriating, because our country has historically proffered increasingly better opportunities to each successive generation of Americans.

Republicans in Congress recently elected John Boehner Junior, Paul Ryan, as their leader. Then, 150 Republicans voted for Ryan’s $1.15 trillion spending bill, which funded Planned Parenthood, Obama’s insufficiently-vetted Syrian refugee program, sanctuary cities and the release of criminal illegal immigrants into society. In their hearts, Republicans know we didn’t send them to Washington to sip Scotch and play Hopscotch. They don’t care.More.

Reality check: Katie, they don’t have to care. The reasons the middle class is declining are historical and structural. The power and money will come from marketing the newly needy, often to struggle against each other in identity group conflicts.

Also from Kieffer:

That said, there’s enormous hope and encouragement in knowing that your neighbors crave real reform and are no longer afraid to break free from the restrictions of the two-party system. Share this with your friends and encourage them to lobby for more parties; more choices; and more transparency in the political process.

Check out how that worked out in Europe and Canada first. It’s not—in principle—a bad idea. Ut it is not a solution to the problem you are outlining. Third parties help rising classes, not declining classes.

Few want the business of declining classes, except for the fun of sneering at them, violating their rights, and seizing their assets. You said it yourself:

Obama “regularly insults Americans [especially Christian Americans] by suggesting that all Americans lack the values and discipline to overcome or be cautious of how much we allow our prejudices to inform us in any given situation,” a disappointed citizen named Ben Riechers wrote into the Star Tribune last month.

Can the people he sneers at afford to cut up their EBT cards?

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“Identity” as a club to beat, not meet

  • Something has to give, neither the Dems or the GOP represent anyone but themselves.

    • Jim Horne

      You might well see another Conservative party in Canada too.

      After reading an opinion piece about the Tories needing to build a broad consensus – – I just shake my head in disbelief.

      I don’t think the MSM gets it at all. A broad consensus is the result of sound policy to which people gravitate. It’s based on bold statements painted in broad brush strokes. For example, it tackles big issues like the Indian Act, re-building Canada’s Military, removing Inter-Provincial Trade Barriers, reforming the Senate, shortening the term for SCC judges, tackling the debt and more.

      What we don’t need is the usual bunch of dual card carrying members who are chamber of commerce poodles (Conservatives/Liberals) and who glad hand the public and say look at us were not lefties were progressives.

      What we need is a Conservative Leader who is an outlier who has the guts to articulate the kind of policies that will build a broad consensus and has the courage to make sure those back stabbing dual card carrying Conservative/Liberals are shown the door. They can go join one of those parties on the left.

      Canada needs change just as much as the U.S. does.

      • Alain

        Actually I would settle for even just one conservative party in Canada.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I would rather have anarchy at this point. You could take every third government employee, shoot them in the head and it wouldn’t make the least difference in the quality of governance.

  • ontario john

    Political parties in Canada are no different. They cater to every special interest group going in order to win votes and avoid conflict. And because all these interest groups demand money, that is one of the reasons the middle class here are being squeezed out of the picture. We have muslims pouring into this country demanding all sorts of expensive benefits, and now we have the ruling today that whiny indian child welfare services should get hundreds of millions of dollars more. This is in addition to the hundreds of millions already promised by the Liberals. I just may take up the offer and join my old army buddies in retirement in Panama. The muslims and indians can fight over what’s left here. “Sunny Ways”