UK rules head teachers CAN ban the veil from the classroom

…and schools who allow it will be branded ‘inadequate’ if it interferes with education

  • Branded “inadequate” if your school supports the veil in the U.K. — wow that’s a real punch in the gut! Ten times worse that being branded a “racist, Islamophobe and xenophobe” if you oppose the veil for the public swearing of allegiance during citizenship ceremonies in Canada — a sunny “Canadian” label to wear.

  • mobuyus

    Is that some sort of hood to protect from camel semen over spray?

  • Gary

    Finally the true backlash has started .
    These 8th Century knuckle dragging islamofascists have been using the fear of Terrorism by their jihadist brothers to get their way in the West.

    Production Companies in the USA are now standing up to the thugs at the Hamas-funding CAIR , the sharia law at work for muslims – which has been used by the lazy to get Prayer breaks- is no longer being tolerated .
    Nobody forced these to move to a non-muslims nation . Barbara Hall and our gutless traitorous Leaders should have NEVER bowed to islam and bought the lies from Imam’s and CAIR about what the TRUE muslims are FORCED to do according to the quran .
    But it’s so odd that when someone cites the same quran for the violent verses used by Hamas, ISIS and al-qaeda these same muslims suddenly claim that THOSE parts of the quran to kill non-muslims aren’t valid today and out of context .

    • infedel

      Ha –really — while they are currently killing and raping non-moslems that they claim is valid to their book of conquest….idiots.

  • infedel

    It — the veil — scares our youth and if they brand anything let them brand racist islam unacceptable with Western values.

  • barryjr

    I wonder what would happen if my grandson showed up in class wearing a hat I’d given him from the oil patch? I bet these groups would be saying he should be allowed to wear it because it’s part of western culture.

  • V10_Rob

    I give it three days tops before the usual Outrage Industry suspects get it rescinded and everyone remotely involved with the decision is publicly flogged.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    What should it have to be branded “inadequate”; what not just “traumatizes innocent children”?

  • Barrington Minge

    At last, a sensible response to bag-heads