Teen Refugee Stabs Swedish Social Worker

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested and accused of stabbing a refugee center worker to death in western Sweden.


The Local, citing the Swedish Migration Agency, reported that the number of threats and violent incidents at asylum facilities rose by 46 percent in 2015 over the previous year

But Löfven said it was “too early” to draw conclusions about Monday’s stabbing.

“Many of those young people who come to Sweden have had traumatic experiences and there are no easy answers,” he told reporters, according to The Local.

  • “It is so terrible. She was a person who wanted to do good, who wanted to be good. And then someone murdered her when she’s doing her job,” one of her cousins, who was not identified, told the Expressen tabloid, according to The Local

    Right, and that’s how liberals get themselves and the rest of us killed- trying to prove how good they are.

    Löfven says “there are no easy answers” but there really IS- Don’t let them in in the first place- now you have to get them out and keep them out

  • Ed

    So the article is suggesting refugees are so filled with trauma that lashing out with knives and murdering their hosts is something to be expected. If this is truly believed and they’re letting them in anyway, they’re accessories to her murder.

    • Real refugees do not behave that way. They’re down and out and grateful for any help they get. They want to live again and get themselves out of their difficulties.

    • Physics grad

      These refugees are filled with Islam. That is the root cause, in case that jack ass Trudeau is listening.

  • TruthSerum

    “Many of those young people who come to Sweden have had traumatic experiences . . .” Clearly this “teen boy’s” (likely another 25+ year old lying about his age to get better benefits) “traumatic experiences” were not as traumatic as what he inflicted upon this innocent, young woman – or he wouldn’t be alive.

    Furthermore, it is not “too early” to draw conclusions – it is too late.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Hear, hear! Well said, Truth Serum.

  • tom_billesley

    …there are no easy answers….
    …and don’t expevct any honest answers either.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I hope the victim’s family does the usual do-gooder crazy liberal thing and mounts an expensive legal defense for the poor misunderstand child who knows not what he does. In his home country stabbing is a common greeting so how could be expected to know what the cruel white ways of Sweden actually are?

  • David Murrell

    So the mayor blames “traumatic experiences” for the murderous Muslim’s actions. No mention that the victim went through a traumatic experience

  • Ron MacDonald

    Traumatic experience! Like slowly sawing off someone’s head. Only a chicken-shit Swede would have sympathy for a perpetrator.

  • tom_billesley

    The “15-year-old” is a Somali. He is to be held in an adult prison and tried as an adult.
    The murder victim was working a night shift, alone.
    Who did the risk assessment on that?

  • Yo Mama

    I’m waiting for The Guardian, BBC or CBC headline, “Swede attacks poor refugee youth’s knife with her body, to try to get him deported!”

  • Allan

    There are no easy answers?? WTF?? How about not having these animals enter the country IN THE FIRST PLACE???!!!