PC brigade ‘failing victims of sex abuse’: Minorities tsar slams liberals over Muslim criminals

David Cameron’s integration tsar has blasted ‘hand-wringing’ liberals for failing to tackle forced marriage and other abuses in Muslim communities.

Louise Casey said some officials were ‘so wrapped up in political correctness’ they ignored shameful scandals which led to vulnerable women and children being harmed.

Miss Casey, who chaired the Government’s troubled families unit and led an investigation into social services in Rotherham – where Asian sex gangs had abused as many as 1,600 children – is carrying out a review of how to boost integration in the most isolated communities.

  • BillyHW

    They decry PC but then use the term “Asian” to describe the rapists?

  • A little late, More, a lot more, please.

  • k

    minority group politics have corrupted!
    you DO NOT protect the minority group
    at the expense of
    the health and well being of
    the majority
    or any other minorities