It’s 12 O’Clock High for the Traditional Conservative Establishment

The Alt-Right is by no means defined, organized, or even embodied within one person, let alone a cabal of people. It is the natural, organic growth of conservative and libertarian minded people, predominantly younger ones, who are fed up with the abysmal performance of the poor stewards of the conservative movement these past 30 years. However, whereas most of them had to watch helplessly from the sidelines as kids or young adults via television, talk radio, or the newspapers (National Review being one of them), the internet has allowed them to not only vent their frustrations, but take matters into their own hands and become a force unto itself that rivals the traditional establishment.

  • simus1

    !2 O’Clock High was a better example of people on the wrong track putting on a maximum full bore but very costly effort to accomplish something, anything, because they didn’t really understand where their enemy’s carefully hidden weaknesses were to be found. Their own terrible weakness was a lack of a suitable long range escort fighter to protect their bombers.
    Bombers that had been incorrectly idealized as “armed to the teeth” and self sufficient in their own protection despite all available evidence to the contrary.

  • BillyHW

    A country without borders is no country at all. That’s what the establishment just doesn’t get. People want their country back.