Guy cleared of Twitter harassment: Will reality continue to matter?

From MercatorNet:

Essentially, Elliot became obsessed with the Twitter feeds of Stephanie Guthrie and Heather Reilly in 2012. Though he wrote in a hostile way about his political disagreement with their feminist views, he never threatened them. They nonetheless became fearful that he might harm them in some way.

The vidence did not suport that.

Many people today have a self-image of victimhood that is both impervious to and unrelated to shared facts. If one wishes to tweet in-your-face statements, one should expect some in-my-face ones in return.More.

But the accusers did not expect that at all, and did not see why they should have to.

Reality check: Even so, the news isn’t good. These days, most people think their grand personal narrative ought to trump facts. They hope to gain from narrative more than they would from facts. Harassment will increasingly mean what favoured victim groups want it to mean.

See also: Hollywood’s Variety mag on Truth bomb: “CBS News has since declared “Truth” full of lies, … “which may have hurt the film’s commercial prospects …”


Now Chappaquiddick to be sanitized as new film

  • Justin St.Denis

    The accusers names are STEPHANIE GUTHRIE and HEATHER REILLY. I am surprised BCF didn’t ensure their names were in his posting. As for worrying about violence from men directed at them, I would suggest that Stephanie’s and Heather’s problems have only just begun, metaphorically speaking. 😉

    • It is not my post, Denyse wrote it.;)

      • Justin St.Denis

        Sorry. Didn’t notice. Just finished emailing the news story and those two names to every contact I have in HR departments, headhunting firms and the like across Canada – 108 names in all. Not bad!

  • simus1

    Most narratives seem to be missing the point completely.
    These offended precious snowflakes are likely
    well connected to members of the local Torontograd nomenklatura given the “official actions” put in motion to pummel the victim both legally and financially.
    Being found “not guilty” in the courts of something like this event that reeks of unlawful persecution and injustice may not be quite the Dreyfus Case.
    Then again, the usual suspects have received a free expert consultation on how to refine their suppression techniques to achieve results more satisfactory to their mindsets.

    • Yes, simus1, the fight for an equal Twitter is only just beginning. The victimcrats rage.

      • simus1

        True There are also other events in public civic spaces that neatly fit the frame jobs on offer.

    • The feminazis who started everything have good connections with the police and a few Toronto city councillors. Greg Renouf was the only one to cover the case extensively at I know that the Toronto authorities are corrupt, but this is beyond belief.

  • roccolore

    Even after cleared, men will still be smeared over lies.