Good news!: Bad ‘crats paid to stay home

Bad ‘crat! Bad! Dispatches from the post-employment society

From Daily Caller:

Federal managers are using illegal secret settlements that pay disruptive, incompetent or dangerous employees not to work for months on end before quitting on an agreed-upon date as an alternative to endless termination paperwork, legal appeals and costly battles with civil service unions.More.

Reality check: They aren’t really needed, and we are all better off if they are paid to stay home. It’s those whose jobs depend on spending the day making and enforcing rules for the rest of us that we should most fear.

Note: New York City’s board of education used to have rubber rooms. Probably still does, under another program.

See also: American workers giving up on work? No. Work is giving up on American workers.

High minimum wage closes low-income friendly stores (likely to re-emerge, automated)

  • k1962

    That really is too bad about all of the Walmarts that are closing. My son had a part time summer job there collecting shopping carts that turned into full-time work and we/he were so happy for him just to be working! I don’t know how people can live off of those wages, but for students, it’s good.