Columnist Fatema Naout gets 3 years in jail for “blasphemy” against Islamic cult

A Cairo misdemeanor court sentenced columnist Fatema Naout to three years in jail and a LE20,000 fine over charges of blasphemy.

The writer was found guilty of insulting Islam in a 2014 Facebook post in which she labelled the Islamic ritual of slaughtering sheep and distributing their meat as charity for the poor during the Islamic feast of Eid al-Adha as a “massacre.”

  • ontario john

    Why doesn’t that tramp have her face covered like a proper muslim woman. And why is she allowed out of her house. She needs instruction from Trudeau’s imam in Peterborough about remaining home and having sex with her husband. And I just heard breaking news that the Liberal government is lifting sanctions against Iran. How nice. Dion also mentioned to a reporter that he would like to see Canada sell planes to Iran now that he is lifting sanctions. Praise Allah!

  • ontario john

    Another victory for Syrian refugees. On CityTV News tonight was the story of Canadian families being kicked out of their rooms to make way for more refugees at the Plaza Hotel. The families had been staying there because they could not find affordable homes elsewhere. I hope they don’t bother the refugees on their way out.

  • I don’t agree with her opinion that slaughtering sheep is akin to “massacre”, but I agree with her right to express that opinion. Sad that Egypt still observes sharia law (although not as fanatically as under the Muslim Brotherhood).

    The answer to political Islam isn’t Western Left-wing causes such as militant animal rights — they’re both idiot ideologies, imo. Worst thing would be if the Western Left succeeds in convincing Egyptians to officially adopt and legally enforce their causes. It would be nothing more than hybrid fascism — fascism with a two-edged sword.